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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Polaroid days

What is it about us humans that in the world of cutting edge technology it is in the things of the past we always revert back to. I spent my whole afternoon sipping hot coffee going through all 311 Polaroids taken by Parker Fitzgerald . Matching a quote to the amazing scenes he captures 365 days of his life in 2010 with his Polaroid camera.

Warm tones, hushed shadows and ghostly flairs creating a layer unique to this brand of photography . With the magic of Photoshop, this style could of course be replicated with a photo taken by a digital camera.

But there is just something about this old school photography :point, shoot, print: no room for touch ups or retakes, that truly captures the magic of the moment.

All photos taken from Parker's 365 Polaroid Quotes flicker series. Check it out *Here*


Anonymous said...

Hi Mal, I checked with the lady-in-charge and you are welcome to send in your contribution for the Chicken soup for the Indian brothers/sisters soul series.

∞ ETERNITY KIDZ ∞ said...

Great find! His photos are so human

The Schirling said...