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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Time and Tide

"The Pumpkin President" (c) Mark Ryden

I wanted a watch with no dials. Suspended Reality transitioning into absurdity.
I asked my father could I ? and he said no.
I asked my mother should I and she said yes, Go.

So off I went into this Timeless Realm,
Been stuck here ever since then,
Leaves and flowers instead of minutes and hours.
Demon goats and pumpkin men using coats.

Everything was so blinding,
Fabulous, magical, stupefying,
Thats when I knew I needed to go,
Suspended reality grounded insanity, back to the place i know.

I asked my mother 'Could i please come back ?'
She said 'No, my Dear once your in, there's no turning back.'

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