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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Messy Minds

The Novel (c) Kate Bernauer

Debris of thoughts once they begin collecting in your mind they begin to cover every empty space they can find. Have you seen the show called Hoarders ? Its about a bunch of people who cannot let go of things, from ratty looking stuffed animals to cracked china, these things they no longer use began piling up covering functional spaces like their bathrooms and kitchens, leaving them unable to perform their daily rituals. Why eat standing up when you can clear out that broken toaster and blender, reclaim your table and have a nice sit down dinner. Why do they allow it to happen to them ?

From how I see it most of them don't even know how bad their problem is until someone tells it to them. Which is why most hoarders believe that they are actually collectors, when they are really being possessed by their possessions When your so used to living in a certain kind of environment what really is toxic seems so natural to you.Thoughts to me are the same. People who keep their thoughts or problems to themselves end up just thinking and rethinking the same thing. These thoughts cascade down the mind like Tetrist blocks, bits of odd pieces trying to fit but cant seem to match one another. Building up one incomplete line after another, till you reach Game Over.

As they pile up one on top of the other, the impossibility to get rid of these thoughts then allows it to posses us. The problem gets bigger. Which is why it is very important to tell people how you feel before it does, be it a friend, a stranger or a family member. Its important to spring clean your mind once in a while get rid of the chunks of stagnant thoughts and toxic emotions that take up space. Make room for fresh crazy thoughts so you wont let them overlap, manifest and make an even bigger mess.

Talk. Write. Scream. Shout. Get those ugly thoughts out !

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