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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Killer Technology and Hello i'm back.

Video killed radio ...

Internet killed television .....

MSN killed ICQ

Facebook killed Friendster ....

Twitter killed blogger ...

one day

Tumblr will kill twitter ...

So when does this technological genocide ever end ?

Very easy it ends from where it begins ...

You. Me. Everybody

But since this is my blog, lets start with just me shall we.

So then lets start anew . My name is Malati how do you do ?

I've decided to start blogging again .

The fonts in my brain are beginning to annoy me,

"You can't always condense us to 140"

You see when you shift from one online platform to another you either have a clean break or don't break from it at all .

When I shifted from Friendster to Facebook . I never really looked back on Friendster .

Well except this one time when i googled my own name, needless to say after looking at the horrendously poser pictures of myself .


Close up picture of my eyes, bearing cliche tag line "My eyes are the window to my soul"

"What were you thinking 15 year old self ?"

But I was pretty sure that never again will i have the burning urge to go on my friends Friendster page and write them a 'Testimonial".

Seriously Friendster writing each other Testimonials ? What were we, putting in applications to be each others friends .

So then I shifted from Blogger to Twitter .The shift was gradual, it was much easier to let my thoughts out in bite sized pieces of 140 characters every time something happens.

To put it elegantly, its like you brain farting out words, spontaneous, unfiltered and kinda smelly.

It was was great at first. Actually it's still is great, but I missed you Blogger.

I never really could quit you. I'd tweet about you , write about you, talk about you, secretly come back and attempt to revive you.

But if you see this post, then its official this blog has been given CPR.

and I am Back and I'm gonna stop here and click 'Publish Post' instead of the usual 'Save as Draft'

" Blogging is not rocket science, it’s about being yourself, and putting what you have into it."


Navein said...

15 year old? Fuck off, more like 19! HAHAHAHAH

MaL said...

15 .. 19.. same difference lah still in the lame teen stage of life right.

Anonymous said...

Woke up and saw a notification from blogger that you posted something. Thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. Welcome back you were missed .

MaL said...

Haha thank you for sticking by me. Hope to get back to writing online again. Hope you have a good day ahead!

sang said...

malsters it all different now,ur writting style has matured as uv gotten

MaL said...

I'm glad you like my 'articles' hehehe love u ;)