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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rationally Psychotic

“Without psychoanalysis we should never know that when we think a thing the thing we think is not the thing we think but only the thing that makes us think we think the thing we think we think”

Like seriously i'm so bloody tired of all this thinking . This assignment is driving me mad.

Psychoanalysts can probably look at me eating a hot dog and think ....

omg phallic symbol ....






Leave me alone u psychos n let a girl eat her food in peace

and now on a lighter note .....

I'm never gonna look at my 1901 the same way again.


You just couldnt be like any normal person now could u Freud ? U couldnt just say ... dam that was a bad nightmare or wow that was a wonderful dream ... Nuuuuuooooo u had to take dreams and turn them into my current nightmares

instead Wanna try psychoanalyzing Santa ?

......because every dog needs a psychologist

Just like every flea needs a psychologist .....
Hey just because their microscopic does not mean they dont have issues

Hahahahaahahahahahahaha this is the best coz its a literal representation of what psychoanalyst will end up saying about your unconscious .

Because after all my readings on it, this sums it all up :

ok back to consciously uncovering the unconscious which is repressed somewhere between the subconscious and the idontgiveafuck.

good day !


Anonymous said...

HAHA Mal, your post is super brilliant. Worth the taking break. And yes we think the thing that we think is the thing but actually it's not what we think because the thing is actually our thinking.

I assume, after too much thinking, you'll get that one above. Haha. Very psychotic post but I ♥ it!!!

Abeer said...

I lurve it!
The last picture was PRICELESS.

Navein said...

what does the hotdog represent mal?=D

MaL said...

@Anis : Hahahaha , i'm so happy its overrrrrr ! glad your updating again miss readin your blog ! enjoy the rest of your hols

@Abeer : ahahaha tq. i'm happy we dont have to see Freud anymore

@Navein :Lets not even go there nav ...

Patsy said...


Omg i literally screamed out laughing at the Batman one and my father asks "What are you reading?" I tell hiom its your blog, he comes over to read it too then walks off with a "Stupid joke lah. For this also laughing away, not funny also."

Old people.