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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Legally Blond

Dinner conversation :

Dad : So you know i was trying to look up for the Latest Woolf reforms online but i couldn't access many of the sites i already had .

Me : Yeah you should try Googleing for other sites . God Lord Woolf i remember how much i used to hate him back in A-lvls ...

Mum : Who is this guy ?

Dad : *Goes on to give a longggg and detailed description on the life, accomplishments and contributions of Lord Woolf towards the English Legal System ?*

Mum : Whats his name again, Lord Wolverine ?

You should have seen my dad's expression. priceless.

I nearly chocked on my rice.

Trust my mum to change this guy :

To this Guy :

Made my day this one.

On an unrelated note i now have 18 hours left before i hand in my assignment . Going to churn out words non-stop like a font machine *i hope*. To quote Sarah Rostam

"Go Mal. The power of backspace is in your hands"


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sawwaa! said...

shit, your blog is gold man. GOLD.