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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Distantly Close

Although we don't get to spend everyday together , I'm glad that on the days we do, makes every minit spent together feel all that more special

No matter how old we become , we must always remember our spastic CPU roots

Because when the white hair begins to show and the wrinkles begin to grow , the laughter will always stop us from becoming old,

Crazy adventures and funny stories is shared best with good food and even better company ,

Despite the wonders of technology, Sharing jokes, telling stories, exchanging hugs, linking arms while walking and cam whoring till the battery runs low are just some of the things best done the old fashion way.

In those few hours, made me remember what great times we shared together,

Cheep food at the pasar, ice kacang after classes, bitching sessions would last for hours n hours

Talks about dreams, hopes and the distant future, saying it out aloud makes it all the more real er

Be it a dentist who'll end up a designer , or a steward who will end up a lecturer

What matters is that from 18 to now, we've all started our big adventure into the cloudy future

where we'll end up nobody knows ... but i hope that despite it all this we'll always remain friends.

However : Diva 1, make sure i don't see u in any MAS sex tape DVD and Diva 2, make sure u don't spray paint your patients teeth pink, telling them its cause pink is the new white .

Love u guys to bits !



sarnan said...

Ehh remember i will be the "STAR" of the sextape

Navein said...

OYE!!! Don't have fun without me! Mal, u did something to your hair? u look good =)