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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Deeper Conversations

Wrapping up this week in conversations :

"Its ok Mal look on the brighter side, who knows he might have moved up in life and from a Barista in Starbucks he has now become an insurance agent ?

But i don't want him to sell me policies i just want him to pour me my coffeeeeeee "

"So then i was thinking right, oh look this nice young boy and his mum is riding the KTM together, such a cute family moment. He looked like what 18 or something , fresh faced, cropped hair and preppy white polo tee n jeans standing with this 40 something older woman in like this like killer corporate suit. So i thought wow his mum looks really cool

So ?

and then they started making out in front of me


Exactly my friend . exactly and the moral of the story is never assume ... never ever assume"

"Why don't you spend enough time with me and why do you always go out ?

What are you talking about i was home for 3 whole days with u

Yes but you were in your room the whole time doing your assignment

What did you expect me to do pull a rabbit out of my hat for you . i had work to do

You don't love me. that's why.

Oooooo don't start your Indian family drama emotional blackmail with me woman.."

"So this year I'm gonna stop procrastinating , blog more, read more and most importantly stop procrastinating

You do know that you excuse of waiting for the Tamil New Year to make your resolutions, is a way of procrastinating on your resolution to stop procrastinating

That is it. I cannot be saved."

"Yes you can !

No i cant !

Yes you can !

No i cant

Yes you can

NO i cant

FINE you cant


This is why i hate talking to you when your menstruating"

"By failing this assignment the odds of me failing this subject is 99 to 1 you know. Right now cant even get past the first sentence . What if i fail ?

Fail. fail la.

You know a little bit of encouragement right now would be much appreciated

Fine what do u want me to say ?

You wont fail ?

Ok you wont fail.

I feel the Love mother, i really do."

"So you take the cigarette, use your thumb and forefinger and hold it a little bit away from the edge. Light up the tip. Don't inhale the first puff, just blow it out. Next you suck it in and then slowly release the smoke out.

I didn't know smoking took so much effort i always thought you just put it in your mouth and it'll all work naturally from there

They should make a movie out of this.

and call it Smoking 101. Omg i cant wait to twitter this"

"Aaraki sense Konnichiwa, genki desu ka ?

Hait, malati san, genki desu. anata no *continues her conversation in rapid fire Japanese*

Erm, ahhhh ...watashi, ju ni-gatsu to JLPT4 no shiken ... erm .. um ... ah ....

Ooooo JLPT4 no Shiken !!!! anatawa taihen renshu to fukushu *continues on her conversation in rapid fire japanese*

Onegai sense !!! Motto Yukkuri Ittekudasai !"

*and so proceeds the most mind numbingly slow Japanese conversation in the history of the universe*

"So do you still think you have the best ass in Kuantan ?

*full of pride* without a doubt the title still belongs to me.

Good to see somethings never change"

"WHAT do you MEAN by you just want to be HAPPY . You are Indian you cannot just be happy, you have to work yourself to death , get money, money and more money, buy a house, get married, have few children and maybe only maybe you allowed to be slightly happy.


"Careful, then a Pocong will come out and steal our food



No seriously i am


No i took a Facebook 'What hantu are you quiz' and turns out I'm a Pocong

You took a facebook 'What hantu are you' quiz ?

Yeah all my other friends good way cooler ghost like Hantu Tetek and Toyol n stuff, and i got lame ol' Pocong

Being a Hantu Tetek is cool ?"

"I know at the end of the day you gonna marry one of those Balak tycoon's rich brats sons you met in Sarawak

Yeah it would make things much easier"

"What are you complaining for. Dude remember, there is cute butt, and there is the i-can-feed-a-third-world-outta-this-ass butt. Dam that Megan fox and her quotable quotes


"You know i want a guy whose like weird u know, not like the i-am-a-serial-killer weird but like weird-ly, random-ly, strange-ly, eccentric-ly weird . u know . like how I'm weird

Yup you most definitely weird

AHAHAHA bitch"

"I hate it when people take me seriously, half the time i don't mean what i say and don't think when i write

Isn't Communications one of your majors in school ?


Well good luck with that then."

"Since your at my blog why don't you comment something like i love you or I'm your number 1 fan.

No, don't be lame

I know your password why don't i do you a favor and comment that on your behalf

Your psycho, don't ok

Fine i know your Facebook password I'll write that on my wall instead

Don't be crazy

I am emotionally needyyyyyy

you are mentally retardedddddd

Remember we ARE relate so by default, so are you."

"Why so glum chum ?

I've lost focus these past few months and i think i screwed up big time on so many different levels. Worst thing is, i know there's no such thing as second chances.

Well your right . There is No such thing as second chances, because your making way for new chances to come up to you.

That's true. Thank You

Anytime. Now all aboard the Positive Express."

Well that's a wrap !!!


amirahrah said...

i couldnt stop laaaaugghiiinngggg reading this post! omg i miss you and all the hilarious things that comes out of you! this is a gooood break from doing stupid assignment. yeah, i decided to pass it up esok instead of the due date today. cannot tahan the stress! cant wait to see you guys when i balik! 2 more monthsss!!!!!

sawwaa! said...

omg this is so funny.
i nak terkencing ok mal!

What's Eating Michael Stone? said...

hey cuz
it's me, mohan
man, your blog rocks
i guess that's why you're the journalist of the family
i started a blog of my own, so do drop by
keep up the amazing work here and look forward to seeing you again
seacrest out!

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