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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Down by Memory Lane....

Way Back when i went to school, High School most definitely DID NOT have a Musical .

Sure we did not burst into catchy tunes when our exams were over, nor did we have the entire school gather together to do a little dance number when our school's basketball team took gold.

Despite the lack of song and dance , high school sure was fun.

Although amazing to think, how different are the paths we each took after we left school.

Why just 5 years ago we were all sitting down in the same Bio Lab butchering erm sorry dissecting the same frog , with what some would say fevered enthusiasm due to the fact that after gleefully picking and mangling its innards we realized that we forgot to draw the diagram of what we saw. No prizes guessing why our whole group had the same diagram which looked suspiciously similar to the frog drawing in the Longman Bio Workbook. hey they all look the same on the inside right. (Mr. Frog pls dont judge me)

It really feels like only yesterday we were entered our Kimia lab to conduct an experiment which we usually had even lesser of a clue of what we did going out then what we did going in. Hey 15 students to 1 apparatus . you do the math.. oh the woes of government schools.

The memories of..... (ok this one i'm bloody happy i got it over with ok so i'm not going to even pretend i miss it. math.yucks) sitting together panicking over add math's equations are not one i look upon fondly but its one i cant erase (oh the tutions T_T )

But despite the fact that i hated my science subjects with unbridled passion. These subjects we what we all shared in common. stressing over. solving together and laughing over (well i cried more then i laughed, but laughing sounds more poetic no)

In the five years its always amazing to see how different we all are from one another whenever i meet up with my school friends. Why just last Friday, i met up with 3 of my high school friends . One just graduated as an IT major and another studying for Languages in Japan. We took a good 3 hours of our conversation figuring out what the heck each other was studying for and what they'd do later on. He was amazed that after high school i have been writting essay upon essay non stop and i was amazed that he had to learn a completely different language for programing.

OMG in which me n my other friend had a utter platinum blond moment .

So my friend is studying Languages in Japan n since my other friend did IT she was telling him how this year she was taking Programing as her electives .

He : Thats cool so what language do u use ?

Me + Her : English la what other language is there , although the Uni is in Japan most of the classes are conducted in English u know. Hahahahahaha silly boy ....

He : Urm... actually i mean programing language u know like Java, Turing, Pascal ....

Her : OOOoooo we havent gotten that far really

Me : You MEAN U GUYS SPEAK A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE . (i then proceed to do my best 'take. me. to. your. leader.' and 'we. come. in. peace." impersonation, hey some stereotypes die hard)

*SIDE NOTE* this convo totally reminded me of the one i read on bash.org

*In a IRC chat room*

Q : Does someone speak python here?


Q: the programming language, you idiot.

Hahahahahah see were not the only ones.

But be it speaking in python or English, despite our differences the good thing is that during these mini reunions we never run out of things to talk about because at the end of the day deep down we all have that one language that binds us all.


Hahahahaha . its true ! After the polite n intelligent small talk of, what are you doing and where are u studying is all over .

we go to the juicy bits

Remember when XXX went out with YYY ?

OMG u know i saw in Facebook, ZZZ is going out with EEE !!!

Shit have u seen, CCC looks so different now !


Then after the gossip sessions of how A is now going out with C when before that he was with D.

We go to the second part we all have in common , high school memories ...

You can almost be 100% sure that one person of the group will say how they wish they were back in high school when things were all happy and less complicated.

And with that comment to start the ball rolling you can definitely clue the cheesy nostalgic music because at the same time everyone will start going back to their best High school Musical moments :

Remember getting n buying flowers from Interact n Leo club during Valentines day ?

Hey remember the ridiculous gang's they used to have in school ?

Remember how we used to sneak out from school to go mamak ?

Remember hiding liquid paper during spot check ?

Remember how we made the EST teacher cry ? (yes we really did. only when i became a teacher myself did i feel the full blown guilt of this)

Remember the horrible canteen food ?

Remember how u used to think WWW was the cutest guy everrrrrr ?

Remember falling asleep during perhimpunan ?

Yup the word of the day would most definitely be Remember ...... because no matter how different each of the paths we took after school are, ...lawyer to doctor, nurse to journalist ..... all we have to say is remember and instantly all our paths merge to one, and once again were all strolling down memory lane to SMSU together.

This was my high school musical =)


amirahrah said...

Mal, what were you doing up at 5am? I really miss you. You write so well im SO jealous! heee this post was nicely done :) xxxxxxxx

sawwaa! said...

Sigh mal.
Amazinggggg la, I know all of the examples of memories!!
Shit, spot check wassa beeetch.
And hello, making teacher cry!!!
.. OH! And, who can forget Maths sial.
I selalu copy my friend's book.
My teacher was always puzzled. How come Maths book so flawless can answer, but exam time semua FAIL.
Sedih. Haha!
Sigh. I rindu my friends. It's so sad that most of us aren't speaking any more.
But hey, at least you got to see your rakans! Y'alls are lucky to still have each other, I mean alo, you are a gem ok! =)