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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Beautifully Ugly

Thinks The lonely Seagull :

"Which to choose the warm brown sands, or the ice blue sea ?"

I took this picture when i was wondering around Manukan Island, Sabah.

I love it because for once instead of thinking of angels, alignments, composition,aesthetics,beauty,lighting,interpretation,understanding,juxtaposition,colours.

I simply saw the scene, randomly took out my crappy camera and shot it.

It was not planned but I love how the seagull is smack dab in the center of the picture, in between the rocky sands and the moody sea.

How it almost looks Beautifully Ugly .

Photographer i certainly am not . No, i do not own a DSLR that when pointed at you looks more likely to blow your head off rather then capture your image. Nor do i take any fantabulously artsy shots which would make you gasp in amazement .

I take pictures simply because it makes me happy, although i've not touched my camera in months.

I love it when i look through my pictures and come across one which takes me back to where it was shot.

Looking at this i can almost smell the salty sea breeze and feel the grainy sand on my toes.

That to me is worth more then a 100 shots taken with a bazooka looking camera .

Although if i did have few grand to spare there would be no doubt about it I'd buy myself the best dam bazooka cam. money can buy.

But since i don't I'm happy with my crappy 4 mega pixel Olympus with its horrible night shots, even worst indoor shots, useless day shots but bloody wonderful accidental shots.

: I choose the sea :