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Thursday, December 11, 2008


There is only one word going through my mind now :

I got a call today morning . 9 am, naturally i was still a happy resident in LaLa Land. my brain was filled with cotton and so was my mouth .

"Hello this is the editor of the Borneo Post. I'm calling to inform you that your application has been successful."

"What ? "

"You are Malati right ? You applied to intern at Sibu for 2 months. Are you still interested in the post ? "


"Excuse me ? "

Shit .

"Ah sorry . yes yes i am still interested "

"Great. I'll be looking forward to seeing you at the office on Monday morning . Good day"


I got it . i'm going to Sarawak in 3 days for 2 months . I've not packed. got no tickets. I've got 101 things pending on my to do list .the 2 articles due in 2 weeks i was procrastinating on now has to be finished in 2 days.


Not to mention my editor probably thinks she hired a monosyllabic moron


I've not read the news in days and I'm gonna work at a newspaper publishing place. Right now i can name you, in alphabetical order every Korean,Japanese and Taiwanese actor, basically thats all i can do.

I'm scared as hell .

I've still not spent enough time with my friends . breakfast . lunches . dinners. picnics. bowling. skating . movies. starbucks.


I'm gonna miss Christmas . New Year . Reunions. Birthdays

This sure as hell better be worth it.



sawwaa! said...

hun, it will be worth it. this training is super important for you. and congrats! i knew you were gonna get it. don't worry yang, if u are lonely u ada kakak u.. and plus, i'm one call away! =)
have a great trip babe. i will mishhh youuuu!

MaL said...

Thanks so much sarah. your a rock star. I'll keep hitting refresh on your blog for updates on your side,n me, i'll be sure to update more ! miss u so much n more !

chongkz said...

LOL. Plese do update your blog frequently when you're on the other side of the world. :P

Enjoy and keep in touch. :)

AnisDatt said...

LOL.. there's nothing shitty about it la. I'm sure you will do great there. Go and impress them with your beautiful writings! Sarah is right, it will be worth it. Go and get as much experiences as you can and share it with us. And I will miss you even more! Thank god for the technology - phonecall and internet.

Had a great outing with you even though it was just a short while. and again all the best.....

Pls pls pls update your blog so at least we know you're still surviving in Sibu.

And hey, you might get your knight in karat armor there now!!! Who knows it might be the 12th on Jan or Feb... =)