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Thursday, December 11, 2008


There is only one word going through my mind now :

I got a call today morning . 9 am, naturally i was still a happy resident in LaLa Land. my brain was filled with cotton and so was my mouth .

"Hello this is the editor of the Borneo Post. I'm calling to inform you that your application has been successful."

"What ? "

"You are Malati right ? You applied to intern at Sibu for 2 months. Are you still interested in the post ? "


"Excuse me ? "

Shit .

"Ah sorry . yes yes i am still interested "

"Great. I'll be looking forward to seeing you at the office on Monday morning . Good day"


I got it . i'm going to Sarawak in 3 days for 2 months . I've not packed. got no tickets. I've got 101 things pending on my to do list .the 2 articles due in 2 weeks i was procrastinating on now has to be finished in 2 days.


Not to mention my editor probably thinks she hired a monosyllabic moron


I've not read the news in days and I'm gonna work at a newspaper publishing place. Right now i can name you, in alphabetical order every Korean,Japanese and Taiwanese actor, basically thats all i can do.

I'm scared as hell .

I've still not spent enough time with my friends . breakfast . lunches . dinners. picnics. bowling. skating . movies. starbucks.


I'm gonna miss Christmas . New Year . Reunions. Birthdays

This sure as hell better be worth it.