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Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Favorite Couple Is ......

No, No and No

Nope its not them. This couple is even better ....

Nope their not in this lot too ... I'm telling you this couple is better . Well for one thing, they've been together wayyyy longer then any one of these so called 'power couples'

And the Award for Best Couple in my Books is .........

TA-DAHHHHH !!! Ms.Sugunaveni and Mr. Siniah


Oi my Parents la of course . The main fact that greatly influenced me in picking them for this award is the glaring truth that .

"Without them. There would have been No me"

As i do not believe in nepotism, i judged all the other couples running for this award both fairly and justly . It was a totally non-biased decision.

So I'm the guessing the fact that they GAVE ME LIFE is a good enough reason for my parents to win.


Moving on ....

Today my Parents celebrated their 27th Wedding Anniversary

Which coincidently falls on the same day as my fathers birthday.

I grinned and told him " So mummy was you best birthday present ever lah"

*nudge* *nudge*

He replied with an awkward Erm ... and gave me the 'you are weird' look

So tak romantic i tell you.

My parents had an arranged marriage, which was common among indians during that time. (something i strongly dont agree in). The two families found out about each other through a mutual family friend which introduced the two families *cue the tamil music*.

So once the two parties met up at my Mum's house in Melaka . My mum, after meeting my dad, agreed to go out with him. They had a sort of 1 year courting period *cue the music from a Jane Austin Novel* which because my dad lived in KL and my mum was having her teachers training, barely got to meet each other once a month . But towards the end of the year they both agreed to get married.

I had asked them once; at that time what made them go on with the arranged marrage despite not knowing much about each other. My mum's reply was :

He was a bank manager so i knew he could provide for me when we got married

My dad's reply was :

She was fair and was a teacher so i knew she would be a good mother to my children

WHAT !!! NO stories of love at first sight .Fine...fine it was how they thought about each other, BEFORE getting to know each other better, so kinda superficial answers but.... AyooOoo so not LoManTik lah

Standing beside their Wedding Photograph

There are times when I listen to some of their conversations and think that their on two completely different planets . Like a conversation they recently had in the car while driving ...

Dad : Look at that biscuit factory. I heard their laying off workers there also. The world economy is getting from bad to worst, they say were still going strong but the question is how long ? We all need to start spending carefully and be thrifty ** Starts to ramble about falling stock prices and on the MNE-es that were closing down in Penang which he read about in the news ** What do you think ah?

Mum : Ah talking about biscuits, were all out of them. Remind me to stop at Carefour when we go back, to get more ok.

Dad : Didn't you hear what i said ?

Mum : Yes, but i'm not worried about that. We really did run out of biscuits.

What wouldn't i given for a tape recorder at that time . I laughed till i cried . Now I'm not saying my mum is a blond, she reads the news daily and is way more informed on current affairs then me . But thats how they are :) My mum is more the "Don't worry be happy type" and my dad well he's more the "Let's not be too happy and just worry in case it doesn't last" type.

Living together with someone for 27 years is no joke. Despite their deferences, to me it the small things they do that makes their relationship so great .

Like how my dad :

Always holds my mum's hand, be it when shes crossing the road, drain or stream.

Always helps her out with the cooking in the kitchen so she wont get tired or feel bored

Being by her side through every step of the way in her uphill battle with cancer.

Skipped work and made sure he followed her for every consultation, check up, operation and chemo therapy

Gets her flowers for mothers day

And always reminding me and my sister how lucky we are to have a mother like her

And Like how my mum :

Nags at my dad not to do too much sports, so he wouldn't tire himself .

Takes care of my father whenever he falls ill, from making chicken soup to getting him to take his meds

Insist on serving food for him at the table

Always remembers to get him something for every birthday. Ehem even at times sponsors our gifts to him too.

Colour coordinates their outfits when they go together for events

Always reminds us to respect our father and reminds us of the things many he has done for us .

No matter what they say or do, at the end of the day its the little things you see them do that shows how much they care for each other

To Mummy and Daddy Happy 27th Anniversary :) You guys will always be my favorite couple .

Kalah, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron


"Love at first sight is easy to understand; it's when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime, that's when it becomes a miracle."
- Amy Bloom - Award Winning American Writer


Sha-Lene said...

I love this post!! :) So sweet, so original, so well-written and catchy! :D

Loveya babe, thanks for all the b'day wishes! :) Really love that we are friends!!

Your adoring fan:P said...

hey those r my cards....ciplak...go get ur own...haha but it was really thoughtful,should get them to read it

David said...

Mal i loved the way you wrote this, kinda reminded me of my parents a bit. dam you makin me homesick. and woman will you pls keep on updating n stop going all diva with your hiatus-es . Miss you ! Check your mail just updated you on my drama :D N pls dont take years to reply, your on holiday right why u so busy! much love !

sawwaa! said...

So the very the cute.
Seriously. You are amazing lah. I pun nak parents macam tu!!!

Kailash said...

fuyo macha S n aunty Mal