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Saturday, September 20, 2008


Have you witnessed a moment you wished could be frozen in time ?

What better way to do that but take a picture of it right ?

Everyday i encounter these moments but its always when i don't bring my camera .

I'm gonna try to paint you a picture of words, on these moments i witnessed while i was at the park today :

An old Chinese women looks over her husband's shoulder with an expression of curious disgust while he hooks a worm onto her fishing line. With a mischievous grin the old man wiggles the worm in front of her face causing her to scream bloody murder .

I stopped to laugh when i saw that. too cute.


A young couple walking with their mullet sporting young son sandwich between them. While walking the young boy starts to complain how tired he is . The mother grabs the boy's right hand and the father grabs the left . Together they hoisted and started swinging the giggling kid in between them.


Three expensive looking fishing rods propped in front of a guy lazing on his wooden chair having a smoke while waiting for his catch

If that photo had a caption it would be 'Chilling'


Five laughing young boys . 2 Malay , 2 Chinese and 1 Indian. Hold up their makeshift fishing rods made of mop handles and string, run around the lake while arguing on who's going to catch a bigger fish.

Very Petronas Advert. i know. but colour me unity if that moment didn't make me smile.


Eight serious looking runners whizz by with their heads bopping to the tunes playing on their iPods which was probably monitoring their run through the chip implanted in their matching Nikes

Ah the wonders of technology


A young girl clad in a pink jumpsuit holding the leash of her rat dog, or better known as a Chihuahua which was dressed up in a tiny pink vest. After three attempts of 'running' the dog just completely stood still and refused to move. The little girl ended up carrying the dog the rest of the round.

As cute as the dog was it still looked like a rat in a tutu to me.


A father encouraging his little daughter to walk to him. After 2 steps she falls down and starts to cry. He runs to her, picks her up and makes funny faces to make her laugh.


Watching the reflection of the sunset amidst the purple hued sky, on the surface of the lake.


My parents, synchronized in motion doing Tai Chi together in front of the glistening lake.

I kept complaining to them how ridiculous they looked but honestly I'd caption that photo as 'Poetry in motion' .


My mum , dad and I walking from the park to the car after our jog.

We looked like the poster family for 'Keluarga sihat, Keluarga bahagia'


"The camera doesn't make a bit of difference. All of them can record what you are seeing. But, you have to SEE."
Ernst Haas, Comment in workshop, 1985


David said...

I felt so calm when reading this post. Lovely :) Ehemmm i saw a new blog addition on your profile page . I WANT TO READ UNSCRIPTED !!! sounds so juicy ! LoL I'm shameless i know but you love me anyways :P

sawwaa! said...

i love the way you write. you come up with the freshest, most endearing things to talk about. and you just make me fall in love all over again.

sangeetha said...

Ahem ahem....u actually go to the park....wow no wonder the US is having mojor financial crisis.so i guess it's true then...miracles do happen:)haha....u know u love me...lovely post....so what gift do u want for deepavali,no long lists please....