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Some days I wake up feeling 60 and other days I wake up feeling 6. So if your within that age group .. we can relate.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


You've heard of Verbal Diarrhoea.

Well I'm having Verbal Constipation .

Will be back soon once I've taken my Laxatives.

p/s : You can thank me later for the beautiful imagery


Anonymous said...

Here have some prune juice

Now start writing again :(

Naviin said...

I understand. It's not good to talk with your mouth full. hahahah!!!

David said...

Verbal nonsense. Ya lah got new bf already where got time to blog . Right Mal ^-^

MaL said...

Anon : Thanks i think.

Nav : You are gross, no wonder were friends.

David : You and your conspiracy theories. So annoying .

Navein said...

aww cmon mal. dont be shy. u told me about this new guy and stuf. din't u tell any1 else? I guess i'm just special then.=D

sangeetha said...

malsters....wht new guy....i have to be the first altho i'm supposedly very busy working....

MaL said...

sang : Beats me ! these two seem to know him better then i do . LoL you think if i really happened i wouldn't have emergency called you during your rounds ! Eeeeee cant wait till you come back next month :D