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Some days I wake up feeling 60 and other days I wake up feeling 6. So if your within that age group .. we can relate.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In a box

It's just one of THOSE days .

Le' Sigh........

21 going on 12

Sometimes i wonder why do i even bother ?



Anonymous said...

<3 u crazy !
Now that I'm leaving U better start blogging more ... or freaking e-mail me ok . i swear woman don't u give me your bullshit I'm Lazy I'm Lazy excuse . I'll spam your blog if u don't. gonna miss our coffee sessions. Gonna miss ya loads <3


MaL said...

David ! Much love <3

LOL u don't ber-drama with me when want to leave only leave comment on my blog. I cant promise u on the blog updates but I'll mail you as much as i can. missin ya already !

p/s : check your inbox :D