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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Traveling Solo 101

Handy travel tips you will never follow :

Me : OMG OMG OMG I just booked the ticket its official I'm coming to Sibu !!!!!!

Sis : Thats great !!! Now you can bring me all the stuff i need. I'll e-mail you the list of things i need u to bring ... *mutters* need my toaster , books, clothes ....

Me : Do you really want to see me or just be your courier service ?

Sis : .....oh and don't forget to bring some food from home

Dad : So Mala have you packed for your trip yet ?

Me : I still have 1 week till i leave !!!!

Dad : Yes but better be safe then sorry

Me : Well the Rejang river tour , that i MUST do

Mum : What !!!! No No No better not go to near the river n all, its not safe

Me : Ma then what u expect me to do there, i wanna go visit the Orang Asli village

Mum : What !!!! No No No better not go to Orang Asli villages alone, its not safe

Sis : Eh half the time I'll be in the Hospital so you go exploring by yourself ok. Take the bus can go everywhere

Me : SURE :D

Mum : What !!!! No No No better not go exploring alone without your sister, its not safe

Me : Wait for her to come back !!!!!! What will i do till then ?

Mum : Well you can help her clean her room or watch tv

Me : Yes ma i went 29820934 miles to be a maid n watch TV . Something i can only experience in Sarawak

Dad : So Mala do you know the number one rule of traveling solo ?

Me : There are rules ?!?!?! *I thought he was talking about travel rules implemented by the government i didn't know about*

Dad : Make sure you don't talk to strangers

Me : O_o

Dad : I'm serious ok . You are forever talking to everyone as if their your long lost relative. This time your alone how if they cheat you? Ah speaking of cheating , make sure u don't let anyone check in your bags with you, u never know it might have drugs.

Me : *mutters* I'm not an idiot lah

Dad : What did you say ?

Me : Ok .

Me : Eh i bet your gonna miss me . Don't cry when i leave ok :D

Mum : Finally, there will be peace and quiet at home

Me : Are you sure i wasn't adopted ?

Mum : Eh Mala remember ok. Once you get off the plane the first thing you do is go and take your luggage

Me : No i wont, because i want to run around Sibu naked

Mum : Now don't you be sarcastic to me. Who was the one, who came back from school one day without her school bag because she forgot about it ?

Me : THAT WAS WHEN I WAS 8 !!!!!!!

Mum : Same thing.

Dad : Ok Mala, you are going to a new place. So try not to attract attention to yourself. Act Local

Me : What do you mean act Local . I am LOCAL !

Dad : No no ... pretend like your from Sarawak. By that i mean don't take pictures of every bird and tree you see there like you always do.

Me : Daddy , since 3/4 of the town is populated by Chinese. Me being Indian for one would stand out n i think they wouldn't buy my cover being local .

Dad : Well if you pretend properly they would think your part of the 1/4 of the town which is not Chinese.

Me : *mutters* It would never work

Dad : What did you say ?

Me : Ok. I'll try

Ehem ... as you can see my parents have trust issues . Can you tell :) Rest assured i have researched my trip well, while having a Rejang river tour is at the top of my list , cleaning my sisters room is at the bottom of the list .. wayyyy bottom . Anyways i don't know what my parents are worrying about . According to Wiki Travel the number one danger i should be worrying about while visiting Sibu is :


believe me ? See this :

Stay Safe

Travelers should take note that gossip is an endemic problem in Sibu. It can be difficult to escape unwanted and intrusive attention but keeping a low profile can help to reduce the extent of this problem.


Don't worry surviving high school has trained me how to handle this 'endemic problem' . Ok guys wish me luck !!! Will be back next week . BYE :)

“Not all those who wander are lost.”
- J. R. R. Tolkien


sawwaa! said...

omg mal so bloody cute okay your parents! i nak gigit!

lol. i know you will have fun!

and err.. i have to agree with your parents la. you mmg bukak story with EVERYONE. lol. maybe that's why i love you so much. heheh.

Anis said...

Mal.... that conversation with your parents.. haha.. classic la.

Go to Sibu and have fun okay... YOu need it. Alah.. once you're done then u can decide what u want to do. LOL

See you soonest!!!

Kailash said...


sangeetha said...

Hey...haha tht was really good just read it after me long day at work....glad u had an enjoyable on ur own here,altho we cudnt spend much time together.can wait to c u next week....tc love u lots

Chester said...

HapiBlogging to you my friend! Have a nice day!