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Sunday, June 22, 2008

On Crossing Milestones

I was reading my past blog entries and i came across this :

"On a random note i'll be starting University at Monash tomorrow . I'm felling Nervous . Scared . Happy . Excited . Worried . Hopeful ."

I cant believe its been nearly 5 months since i wrote that and I've already completed my 1st semester at Uni.
Uni life so far has been like going on a never ending roller coaster ride . Full of ups n downs. twist n turns. scary n fun. But despite everything its certainly one ride I'm enjoying .

I love everything about it so far, the subjects, the people, the lectures, dam there are days when i even enjoy the assignments. (although those days dont come often)

I enjoyed Monday mornings where i got to watch interesting movies I've never heard off.

I enjoyed Wednesday mornings where we discussed these movies in class.

I enjoyed Monday afternoons listening to Dr.Yeoh's lectures on Media Studies. A subject which thought me not to just look at things just at face value. LoL now when i look at an advert all i think of is the overt n covert message its trying to convey. Not forgetting counting how many brand placements each movie has :S

I enjoyed Tuesday afternoons listening to Dr. Helen's Lectures . She made going to classes n watching those depressing 'People's Century' video's worth it. I don't think i got through a single class without watching people die

I enjoyed Thursday mornings at INT tutorials where we looked through the black and white of an issue and saw the shades of gray in it.

I enjoyed Friday afternoons at Journalism class where Chin Huat always challenged us to think outside the box. Although now whenever i write something I'm constantly expecting someone to ask me to justify it :)

I enjoyed all the activities i went for

I enjoyed the trips to Sunway Pyramid to de-stress after assignments

I enjoyed working hard on an assignment and doing well in it

I enjoyed reading back my essays n going 'Dam did i write this?'

I enjoyed finally handing up assignments i lost weeks worth of sleep over

I enjoyed staying back to study at the library

Most importantly i enjoyed meeting amazing people who make Monash an enjoyable place to be :)

But of course it wasn't all peaches n' cream everyday . Are you kidding me my life isn't perfect. There were bad days too ... feeling stupid in class, messing up, getting crappy marks in assignments, bad presentations, procrastinating in everything in between.... But one things for sure there was certainly more good then bad.

At least thats how I'd like to remember it as.

So in 3 weeks twill' be time for me to get back on this crazy roller coaster ride.

Back to early mornings and late nights. piles of assignments. mountain of readings. oceans of coffee. stress. zits. Fits.


"That is what learning is. You suddenly understand something you've understood all your life, but in a new way."
-Doris Lessing-


Anis said...

Those pictures! Haha.. I'm guessing from FB right?
Anyway, yup I got it too. Cannot believe it's already 5 months that we're Monashians. LOL. But out of this 5 months, we only get to spend 3 months together. That's quite short isn't it? But no matter what, yes... those are the times when we meet amazing people. And it's hard to tear apart. Seeing those pictures makes me miss you guys even more. Especially . . . LOL.
Have fun in Sarawak dear. I'm sure you're gonna have a whole load of fun plus remember to practise your DRIVING!!!! Remember our deal?! Hahahaha. Can't wait to see you again. The next time when I see you, I'm gonna give you a big big HUG!!!!!!

amirahrah said...

omg. that picture was waayy before we all started looking ugly with stress pimples and eye bags.. heehee. hope you're having fun in sarawak... i miss you dah laahhhhh....!! :(

sawwaa! said...

omg. pictures. scary. cute.

what i wanna say amirah and anis say edy wor. lol. cepat balik!!!!! (lol. u tak gi lagi as i type this.)

MaL said...

Anis : :) Ahaha those were some of the pics i took during the mentor night.I know looking at those pics made me miss u guys loads too *hugz* erm driving ? well i can say i've been driving as much as u've been jogging . LoL lazy lah. ehehe hopefully i'll practice more when i get back. Can't wait to see u too . Enjoy the rest of ur hols beautiful . XOXOXOXOX

AMirah : Wahhh i miss you already lah :) eeks tell me about it !nothing is more worst then stress induced zits. I'm leaving for sarawak on Sat. Hope ur having a great holiday . Cant wait till i see u again ! Take care <3

Sarah : Ahahaah yay ! Authorship over finally u can begin enjoying ur hols :) Miss you lots n cant wait to see you !!!! Have a great holiday beautiful n see ya when i get back <3

Abeer said...

Where do you get your AWESOME quotes from?