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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kids Say The Darnedest Things

Had a conversation with my lil' cousin yesterday. It went something like this :

"Hey Joel, so anything interesting happen during your school holidays "

*with a very serious face*

" I swallowed a dinosaur "

"REALLY !!!! What kind of dinosaur was it ? T-Rex ?
Triceratops ? Brontosaurus ?"

*had a puzzled look for a second and said .....

" It was a .......... scary kind "

" Ok... so how did you get rid of the dinosaur ? "

" I drank Barley and IT went away"

"Ooooo so next time if i swallow a dinosaur i should drink Barley too ?"

*solemnly nods his head"

"Yes you must."

*i fall down laughing*

"Wait why are you laughing ! Are you laughing at me :( Mummyyyyyyy "

Nothing puts life in a better perspective, then a conversation with a 5 year old.

He gives advice like a wise old sage :)


sawwaa! said...

so cute!!
wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i like!
btw, loved ur last entry. =)

u is tagged!!!!

Lex Tan said...

Hey, it's Lex here. It has been a while since we communicated. Went through some big changes recently. Just to inform you I have started a new blog. The old one will be put into limbo and would not be updated.

Here's the new address: http://aleraest.blogspot.com/

amirahrah said...

hahahaha.... omg that is so funnyyyyy. hes so adorable. hahaha. im reading your blog as my break from psychology!!!! heeheehee

MaL said...

Sawwaa : Thanx :) I'll do your tag ASAP :)

Lex : Heya ! Looking forward to reading ur new blog :) Been doing much photographing ?

Amirahrah : Hahaha :) And by now you would have finished your psych and your free as a bird :)