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Sunday, April 20, 2008

This weekend i cleaned Lion's shit :)

No thats not another way for me to say i had a horrible weekend . I literally did :) This weekend i was a ......

The night before i went for a good friends Birthday party and i kept on telling everyone proudly :

"Oh i have to go back early i'm going to the Zoo tomorrow"

"What your going to Zouk ? Wah party animal ah you"

"No i'm like really going to the ZOO !"


LoL I followed the Monash Nature Society to volunteer there :) We gathered at campus at 7 am and around 40 of us took the bus to the Zoo together *I had flashbacks of my Zoo Trips in Tadika* When we reached we were all separated and asked to help in different sections. Amirah and I went to help out at the Animal Hospital. Very guang ho thought could assist in surgeries and all.

In the end we had to clean the animals cages which was GROSS with a capital G. Washing Lion's and Flamingo's poop isn't the best way to start your Sunday morning . and ohhh the smellll. But we got to feed and play with the animals so it was fun :)

The section where they keep the sick animals

This is Manja Lela the injured lioness. The story on how she got injured sounded like an episode of The OC. Well apparently she is the younger lioness and she tried to mate with the Lion and the older lion got like real pissed and they had a cat fight*no pun intended* and in the fight the older lion bit her tail. Very the drama right. Well thats what the zoo keeper told us. But its really sad to see her, because she couldn't stand the pain she bit her entire tail off :(

Using our negatiation skills to convince the lioness to enter our group picture

Take 1 Fail

Take 2 Oklah beggars cant be choosers

Pfttt talk about gratitude, Hello we cleaned ur home the least u could do is smile
along with us.

The Boys were fascinated by the gibbon. Me and Amirah had to stay far away from her because she apparently doesn't like females. Hello ! So Diva and you guys thought celebrities were bad.

The Surgery room for the animal to be operated

Amirah Rahmat is Happiness personified :)

This Baby orangutan died from eating plastic. Its preserved for study now

These gross stuff is the things they find in the animals stomachs, there are things from metal cans to cotton shirts. So make sure not to litter anymore!

Group picture with our very nice zoo keeper who was in charge of the hospital

Since we finished our work early what better way to kill time then with seeing the animals right :)

"I see you standing on the ledge It looks like you might fall ....."

Btw this is the Lion the two lioness were fighting over. *Girlfriend no man is worth loosing your tail over

Turtle wash :) The other volunteers who were working with the giant turtles. they were HUGE!

The Zoo looked pretty run down and there were not many animals. But it looks like they really take care of their animals well, so thats a good thing . By the end of the day we were sweaty and stinky but happy :)

SSSSSssssee ya !

"Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms."

~ George Elliot


julian said...

Poor lioness... no tail no more...
I find zoos a bit depressing, though they can serve a very good purpose.

MaL said...

Julian : Hell hath no fury like a lioness scorned .Ahaha it was depressing !! On the brighter side at least they take care of the animals well.

Naviin said...

ahhh, I always knew you like it with animals. Arrrr;)

MaL said...

Lemme hook you up with the lioness word on the street is that she's single :D