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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Work in Progress .....

I broke my smile . I'll be using this one temporarily till mine gets fixed :


May next week suck lesser then this week did . Cheers to positive thinking :)

"Smile, it's free therapy."
Doug Horton-

Sunday, April 20, 2008

This weekend i cleaned Lion's shit :)

No thats not another way for me to say i had a horrible weekend . I literally did :) This weekend i was a ......

The night before i went for a good friends Birthday party and i kept on telling everyone proudly :

"Oh i have to go back early i'm going to the Zoo tomorrow"

"What your going to Zouk ? Wah party animal ah you"

"No i'm like really going to the ZOO !"


LoL I followed the Monash Nature Society to volunteer there :) We gathered at campus at 7 am and around 40 of us took the bus to the Zoo together *I had flashbacks of my Zoo Trips in Tadika* When we reached we were all separated and asked to help in different sections. Amirah and I went to help out at the Animal Hospital. Very guang ho thought could assist in surgeries and all.

In the end we had to clean the animals cages which was GROSS with a capital G. Washing Lion's and Flamingo's poop isn't the best way to start your Sunday morning . and ohhh the smellll. But we got to feed and play with the animals so it was fun :)

The section where they keep the sick animals

This is Manja Lela the injured lioness. The story on how she got injured sounded like an episode of The OC. Well apparently she is the younger lioness and she tried to mate with the Lion and the older lion got like real pissed and they had a cat fight*no pun intended* and in the fight the older lion bit her tail. Very the drama right. Well thats what the zoo keeper told us. But its really sad to see her, because she couldn't stand the pain she bit her entire tail off :(

Using our negatiation skills to convince the lioness to enter our group picture

Take 1 Fail

Take 2 Oklah beggars cant be choosers

Pfttt talk about gratitude, Hello we cleaned ur home the least u could do is smile
along with us.

The Boys were fascinated by the gibbon. Me and Amirah had to stay far away from her because she apparently doesn't like females. Hello ! So Diva and you guys thought celebrities were bad.

The Surgery room for the animal to be operated

Amirah Rahmat is Happiness personified :)

This Baby orangutan died from eating plastic. Its preserved for study now

These gross stuff is the things they find in the animals stomachs, there are things from metal cans to cotton shirts. So make sure not to litter anymore!

Group picture with our very nice zoo keeper who was in charge of the hospital

Since we finished our work early what better way to kill time then with seeing the animals right :)

"I see you standing on the ledge It looks like you might fall ....."

Btw this is the Lion the two lioness were fighting over. *Girlfriend no man is worth loosing your tail over

Turtle wash :) The other volunteers who were working with the giant turtles. they were HUGE!

The Zoo looked pretty run down and there were not many animals. But it looks like they really take care of their animals well, so thats a good thing . By the end of the day we were sweaty and stinky but happy :)

SSSSSssssee ya !

"Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms."

~ George Elliot

Let's hear what the Bachelors say .....

This year like the past years, i bought Cleo to check out the line up for this year's 50 most eligible bachelors. Erm i shan't comment on the guys chosen per say .... hey beauty is in the eye of the beholder right . Anyways what really caught my attention was the Q & A section where i found some of their answers to be ah how do i put this in a nice way ? Amusing ? See below for the ones which i found to be interesting. My comments are in blue :

When asked to fill in the blanks Why do women .......

Adrian Loh said "Say 'sorry' to me so often ? I always forgive them"
* Dude seriously ?

Alexander Guzowski said " Have periods?"
* Looks like someone failed Form 3 , Bab 1, ey

Ellyas Abdullah said " Overanalyse e-ve-ry thing"
* Ok wise guy u got me there

Santharuban Thurai Sundaram said "Vouch to be seen equal to man when in actual fact, men and women have different roles and are superior to one another in their specific roles ?"
* You should seriously go back and look up the word equality in the Dictionary. No seriously i mean it.

Faizal Yusof said "Blame everything on PMS when somethings go wrong"
* Ehm not all the time lah. You try having the pain of 100 people stabbing you once a month.

When asked What is a seersucker .....

* Well i didn't know what the hell was a seersucker myself but after Dictionary.com told me it was " A light thin fabric, generally cotton or rayon, with a crinkled surface and a usually striped pattern". It it was hilarious to see the guys bullshitting their way through on what they thought a seersucker was.

Alex Teh said "Suction cups to help ninjas climb walls under the shadow of the night"

Addie Arnizam said "Probably someone who's sucky to be with"

Nagaraj Rajendran said "A light cotton cloth with an uneven surface "
*One of the 2 guy who got it right ! However it all went downhill from there

Faizal Yusof said "It sounds like a sex toy"

Alexander Guzowski said "A pain in the you know what"

Mohd Ifran Mahmud said "Its the shortened form for the phrase you say when you overtake a sucky driver and you say it out loud with the windows down, see ya sucker!"

Rupert Chen said "Well a seer (like a magician/wizard kinda person) that likes to suck up to the CEO of all seers?"

Afshin Helmitabrizi said "A loser"

Well for these questions the guys can be separated into two groups . The clever sweet talkers . And the Honest fools.

For the question was A woman makes me nervous when......

The clever sweet talkers said :

"She does or says anything nice.That disarms me, I wouldn't know how to react" - Benjamin Chong

"They're sick or not feeling well. I wouldn't know what to do or how to take care of them" -Afshin Helmitabrizi

"Their frustratingly adorable" -Johann Lim

and there were the Honest fools who said :

"She has an Adam's apple" -Adam Zain

"She talks to much it gives me a headache" -Herve Leon

For the question What could women do more of......

The clever sweet talkers said :

"Ask a guy out. I would feel really honored" - Hedzri PJ

"Continue to manage financial matters so well" - Dinesh S

"They are fabulous enough now" - Owen Yap

"In general I think they are already doing a lot, so i find that there's nothing much really" - Bryan Low

In retrospect the Honest fools said :

"Put more effort into making themselves look more engaging" - Ahmad Risdan

"Be more articulate"
-Nas Muammar

"Agreeing with men"
-Alexander Guzowski
*Cant get any more caveman than that. Well i guess the next answer proves me wrong....

"Understand men better.Unlike women, when we have issues we don't talk it out.We just go hide in our little cave to be one with ourselves" -Bri
* If you refuse to come out from your 'cave' and talk about your 'issues' as you put, it how do you expect women to understand you ? Well unless you date psychic.

* So think about this right, this is a contest were people (mostly women) pick up their phones and SMS for their bachelor of their choice so which group do u think they would vote for ? The ones who called them 'frustratingly adorable' (which i think sounds pretty patronizing) and 'fabulous' or the one who were worried if they had a 'Adam's apple' (which i think sounds pretty idiotic) and think they look and speak funny. Go Figure .

When asked the question My life mission is too ......

Joshua Chong said "To say true to myself and maintain my sense of freedom"

Then we have
Ramsan who said "Have superpowers like Professor X in X-men"

Adrian Loh's was "Be a good father and help to solve humaitarian issues(especially regarding poverty and wars"

Premchand David Devaraj's life mission was to "Produce good-looking children"

Finally i leave you with few of these Bachelor hopefuls answers when asked the question If you were a product, how would your advertising campaign read.....

"Hug me and you'll feel good" -Murat Oezmen

"PDD (my initials) dark chocolate - once you try black you dont wanna go back!" - Premchand David Devera

"Support your local artistes.Get the original" - Naz Muammar

"If your not funny, your not Irfan-ny. Snort. Snort." - Mohd Irfan Mahmud

"Joy and happiness come in different forms and packages; you know you've found the right one when its 6'3" -Santharuban Thurai Sundaram

"Kenny Sia, bigger, bolder and rounder" -Kenny Sia

"Energizer - everlasting love to give" - Owen Yap

*Erm with those taglines these guys need to hire a good team of copywriters first if their ever gonna sell their product

Well there you have it , interesting Quotes from the Q & A sessions with this year's Cleo's 50 Most Eligible Bachelors . Now I wonder who will win .....

Friday, April 18, 2008

Paint my Life

"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures."

Henry Ward Beecher

We were all given a blank white canvas . We were given brushes , paints, sparkles, glitter, crayons and every single color of the rainbow to fill up that canvas. We start painting but we never stop, as the days , months , years go by we keep on painting. Some of us choose to paint it black and white and some paint with all the colors in the world. Some paint beautiful , breathtaking sceneries , and some paintings are weird, strange and unusual. Some paint with passion and some, as time goes by loose interest and stop filling the canvas.

I have a canvas too. Mine is filled with happy bright colours. Red for when i'm loved . Green when I'm happy . Blue when I'm moody and black when i skew up. I'm painting a picture now but i don't know how its going to turn up. I just made up my mind on what to paint. I've painted over the canvas countless of times, thinking i have the perfect picture but in the end i blotch it up. But as i paint a new one, the colours i used on the old one merges with the new picture and creates a whole new different colour. Having a new drawing but still having traces of the old one in it.

No picture is perfect, as we move along in life we keep on making alterations to it, More green,some red and less black. Sometimes we draw something but after a while we change our minds and draw something else. Its ok to do that, I've done it countless times. I'm satisfied with what I've painted . For now. At the end of the day, everyones painting is different, its what makes us unique .

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Life and everything in between .....

1. I'm typing amids the sounds of machine guns and bomb blasts , beside
me i hear cries of "Fire in the hole" , "i NEED backup" and "Die you
Bastard DIEEEE" . No i'm not in Iraq , I'm at an obscure cyber cafe
in SS15. Trying my best to type my assignment but failing miserably.
Oh well at least i get to fulfill my fantasy of being a war reporter .

2. My computer passed away 2 days ago. I thought all it caught was a
little virus , so i sent it to the computer doctor for it to get reformatted,
He told me that the computer had downloaded its last file, surfed its last
website, and saved its last file . Yes people my computer had gone to
the great big digital heaven up there.

3. All this happened ONE day before i had 2 major assignments due.
so i had to write my assignment and rush to type it up at Uni. Only
printing it 3 minits before its due and running to hand it , literally at
the last minute . Whyyyy godddd whyyyyy

4. I just finished my International Studies assignment where i had to
analyze a document from world war2. Now my brain is jam packed
with information from the holocaust , death counts, graphic images
of piles of dead bodies. Hitler sucks.

5. Since i was doing so much research on World War 2 , i thought of
doing Schindler's List for my movie analysis assignment. I was
depressed enough so i chose Hairspray, nothing like pop
culture, gaudy colors and trippy songs to cheer you up.

6. When watching John Travolta in drag, prancing around the
computer screen dressed as a fat lady with a beehive as high as
Everest, I couldn't help but Sigh remembering the huge
crush i had on him when he played Danny Zuko in Grease.
What a difference a movieee makessss......

7. I have 20 unfinished blog posts saved under my drafts
section. One day i shall finish them all and flood the blog
with new updates. One dayyyyy

8. The had a time management talk at Uni the other day
which i was so pumped to attend in hopes it will help me
change my procrastinating ways. In the end i didn't attend
it cause i was finishing up my assignments . I really need help.

9. The man beside me just asked me if i was from Monash. It freaked
the hell out of me as i thought he was psychic. I just realized that i
was using my Uni's tee, which is all black and has
"MONASH UNIVERSITY" on it . Way to go captain Obvious .

10. I have not read /watched the news in agesss . I'm completely
clueless on everything

11. Despite the pressing deadlines and heavy assignments .
University life has been a blast .

12. I love my friends at Uni they are the best and i couldn't
have asked for a better bunch :)

13. I love my classes

14. I love dancing with my friends after a stressful week .

15. I applied for a part time job and i got it . I now write part
time for YouthMalaysia.com. Yay! but now I'm scared that
I'm gonna screw up my first writing assignment.

16. Naviin Nair sends me the best songs. I shall name a play
list after him soon.

17. I have 30 unread books , yet i bought 5 more . I have got to stop

18. and Yes, when i buy books i judge it by its cover . Don't judge
me , you know you do it too.

19. This cyber cafe is really cold. The guy beside me ran out of
ammunition and is calling for back up. He looks like he's about
to have a heart attack. I want to tell him to chill its only a game
but I'm afraid he might hit me.

20. March has been a memorable month for me . I turned 21 but
sometimes i still feel like I'm 12.

21. I gave my fist speech in front of crowd of unknown people last
month. It wasn't as scary as i thought it would be .

22. I'm sick of explaining my decisions to people

23. I miss my Japanese lessons

24. I miss my friends . Clear up ur social calenders people
were going out soon !!!!!!

25. Amidst the screaming matches and the nagging . I'm going
to miss my sister so much when she leaves for her Housemanship :(

26. This is a sorry excuse for a blog post . Will update properly once i get a new computer :)

"People find life entirely too time-consuming".
Stanislaw J. Lec, "Unkempt Thoughts"
Polish writer (1909 - 1966)