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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Sheahmatentine's

Place : Sunway Pyramid

Day : 14 February 2008

  • P on introducing her friend to C :
" Don't worry he is totally C's type , he's over 50 "
she says with true innocence

  • C on defending Anderson Cooper's appearance (whom we both like for his *cough* journalistic integrity *cough* ) :

" What do you mean he has blond hair . His hair is WHITE ! " she says throughly insulted that
Anderson Cooper was being called a Blond .

  • Me on trying to distract P and C from their argument :
" LOOK a big fish " i say while wondering why the bowling rink at
Sunway Pyramid has so many aquariums.

We then proceeded to shoot dead zombies and whack annoying crocodiles ............ at the arcade :)

Thank you both for making my day =D A thousand virtual roses to the two of you !

Don't forget world peace !

"Where there is love there is life."
-- Mahatma Gandhi


Naviin said...

Happy Valentine's to u too.

MaL said...

and to you ! Hope to see you online soon :)

C said...

Well it is WHITE la. really had fun that day. Next time we go out i'll tell you about another guy who makes me watch the news. Note to P: this one ain't over 50 and his hair is brown!