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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Toy Story

He looked at me with huge , glassy longing eyes and i couldn't help, but stare back. His smile upturned to a permanent almost maniacal grin. Beckoning me to come a little closer. His body covered with a hue of the brightest red on earth. Before i knew it i saw myself standing right in front of him . I felt weary but intrigued at the same time. His glassy eyes looked up towards me, and his grin seemed even more sinister up close, he was probably thinking "Another one bites the Dust" . Beside him i saw nothing but a solitary sign and on it written only one instruction "tickle me". As if controlled by a magnet i felt my hand edging closer and closer , finally succumbing to curiosity i ........ tickled him.

And before i knew it , he started screaming , convulsing uncontrollably as if he was having a seizure. Doing spins on the floor that would put a break dancer to shame. As he continued to do this crazed dance he flips over and accidentally activates his fellow clones. Suddenly this army of red maniacs start to follow suit, dancing this frenzied and crazed dance like a tribe of African dancers celebrating a kill . Through all this i stand stock still , eyes wide in horror as this drama enfolds in front of me. All i could hear was this mini army of red creatures chanting ,

" Ha....ha...ha.... that tickles " over and over again .

All i was doing was wondering around Toys "R" Us yesterday figuring out what to get my cousin for his birthday, when i encountered this little red devil or better known as ELMO . All i could do after all the drama that little monster caused , was run as far away as i could from the Elmo display chanting to myself " It wasn't me ! It wasn't me ! " before any Toys "R" Us shop assistant came.

I mean what so great about Elmo anyway, i watched a talk show where they had him as a guest giving his opinion on everything from global warming to his relationship with Miss Piggy . They were actually having a serious discussion on Politics with this red ball of fluff on CNN . I know.... i know.... they would have done it for the humor but really why did it have to be Elmo , who made him the poster child of seseme street. Couldn't they have taken Cookie Monster ?


Fine .... fine .... they may argue that they cant take him because all he does is stuff his face with cookies all day and talks with his mouth full . But i have news for you , word on the Street (pun intended) is that in fear of getting Diabetes Cookie Monster is actually laying off cookies .

See !!!

Therefore with this i reaffirm my stand, that the spotlight should be taken away from Evil Elmo and should be on the other Monsters such as Cookie Monster , Big Bird , Oscar the Grouch and the rest , who deserves equal attention . My mother must be so proud of me right now , looking at her daughter Advocating equal treatment for the Monsters of Sesame Street . Ehem .... moving on .....

After looking at every toy at Toys "R" Us , in the end i decided to buy my cousin a water gun or also known as My First Terrorism Set. After i had said that my mother worriedly put down the box thinking that by buying him a water gun we'd be introducing him to violence *Note to self : Do not Joke with Mother*

I convinced my mum that i was only joking and that she shouldn't over analyze a water gun , anyways knowing my cousin he'd probably play and break it the next day . He's 8 and wants be a Transformer when he grows up . You do the math . Do you actually think he would look at a water gun and go :

"Hmmm Aunty gave me a water gun today . A gun , a symbol of violence and destruction . What is she saying by giving me this ? Does this mean she wants me to be a rebel when i grow up . Is she providing me the tools to one day take over the world ? "

I highly doubt it . I may not be a mind reader but i believe his chain of thought might be along the lines of :

" TOY ! YAY ! PLAY ! "

So we bought the water gun and as expected my cousin was over moon with joy . Last i heard he was shooting water at everything that moved from the cat to his grandfather . So guess we did create a monster :)

On a random note i'll be starting University at Monash tomorrow . I'm felling Nervous . Scared . Happy . Excited . Worried . Hopeful .

I might have taken some wrong turns in life , coming across some dead ends but i'm feeling pretty sure about the path I've chosen right now . So we'll see how this journey ends !

"By the time I'd grown up, I naturally supposed that I'd be grown up"
Eve Babitz
American Writer

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Naviin said...

ahahah. I agree on cookie monster too. lol.