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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Shhhh..... the walls are talking

Random shots of graffiti i took while walking around aimlessly through the streets of KL :

I've always been fascinated with graffiti art . Walking about or even whizzing by in the car i always used to keep an open eye on the writings on the walls . Beyond the scribbles of :


" Ahmad WAS here "


" Mat LOVE Minah 4 ever"

You sometimes do see some beautiful artwork and thought provoking messages . For example when i saw the "Rape the wall Not the kids" message, it reminded me of the inhuman killing of young Nurin Jaslin . I'm sure the person who wrote it wanted his loaded message to leave an impact on someone , well he sure did succeed with me, he reminded me at that moment, of the incident which left me sick to my stomach when i first heard about it. But it also reminded me and others who thought the same way, of an incident no one wanted to ever see being repeated .

Many people argue that these 'works of art' should not be should praised, that these vandals who are defacing public properties should be punished by law. As for my thoughts on it , sure , imagine if you spent a whole , hot and sweaty afternoon painting your house walls only to find scribbles and drawings on it the next day . You have every right to be royally pissed off . People cant simply be writing things anywhere they like ! Then every wall in Malaysia will have Ahmad , Muthu and Chong stating that they " WAS HERE" .

BUT there should also be a space where people can express what they feel using their creative talents . I really think its a great way to voice out your message or idea to other people. The last three pictures were taken from the Pasar Seni LRT station , opposite the station is a huge drain and instead of looking at a dirty , brown wall covered with moss , People get to see these colorful , beautiful artworks . Each of graffiti on the wall is unique and can be interpreted in different ways . I don't know if the government intentionally allowed the graffiti to remain there , but i hope they do because its a Great Idea ! Many people stop to look , take pictures and discuss on what they saw as they descended from the station .

So the next time your on the street , keep an eye on the writings on the walls , I'm sure you'll find something interesting . And remember to snap a photo of it to show me :]

" Gray hair is God's graffiti "
- Bill Cosby-

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Naviin said...

"there should also be a space where people can express what they feel using their creative talents"

I totally agree but not writings such as ahmad muthu or chong was here. lol