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Thursday, December 11, 2008


There is only one word going through my mind now :

I got a call today morning . 9 am, naturally i was still a happy resident in LaLa Land. my brain was filled with cotton and so was my mouth .

"Hello this is the editor of the Borneo Post. I'm calling to inform you that your application has been successful."

"What ? "

"You are Malati right ? You applied to intern at Sibu for 2 months. Are you still interested in the post ? "


"Excuse me ? "

Shit .

"Ah sorry . yes yes i am still interested "

"Great. I'll be looking forward to seeing you at the office on Monday morning . Good day"


I got it . i'm going to Sarawak in 3 days for 2 months . I've not packed. got no tickets. I've got 101 things pending on my to do list .the 2 articles due in 2 weeks i was procrastinating on now has to be finished in 2 days.


Not to mention my editor probably thinks she hired a monosyllabic moron


I've not read the news in days and I'm gonna work at a newspaper publishing place. Right now i can name you, in alphabetical order every Korean,Japanese and Taiwanese actor, basically thats all i can do.

I'm scared as hell .

I've still not spent enough time with my friends . breakfast . lunches . dinners. picnics. bowling. skating . movies. starbucks.


I'm gonna miss Christmas . New Year . Reunions. Birthdays

This sure as hell better be worth it.


Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Favorite Couple Is ......

No, No and No

Nope its not them. This couple is even better ....

Nope their not in this lot too ... I'm telling you this couple is better . Well for one thing, they've been together wayyyy longer then any one of these so called 'power couples'

And the Award for Best Couple in my Books is .........

TA-DAHHHHH !!! Ms.Sugunaveni and Mr. Siniah


Oi my Parents la of course . The main fact that greatly influenced me in picking them for this award is the glaring truth that .

"Without them. There would have been No me"

As i do not believe in nepotism, i judged all the other couples running for this award both fairly and justly . It was a totally non-biased decision.

So I'm the guessing the fact that they GAVE ME LIFE is a good enough reason for my parents to win.


Moving on ....

Today my Parents celebrated their 27th Wedding Anniversary

Which coincidently falls on the same day as my fathers birthday.

I grinned and told him " So mummy was you best birthday present ever lah"

*nudge* *nudge*

He replied with an awkward Erm ... and gave me the 'you are weird' look

So tak romantic i tell you.

My parents had an arranged marriage, which was common among indians during that time. (something i strongly dont agree in). The two families found out about each other through a mutual family friend which introduced the two families *cue the tamil music*.

So once the two parties met up at my Mum's house in Melaka . My mum, after meeting my dad, agreed to go out with him. They had a sort of 1 year courting period *cue the music from a Jane Austin Novel* which because my dad lived in KL and my mum was having her teachers training, barely got to meet each other once a month . But towards the end of the year they both agreed to get married.

I had asked them once; at that time what made them go on with the arranged marrage despite not knowing much about each other. My mum's reply was :

He was a bank manager so i knew he could provide for me when we got married

My dad's reply was :

She was fair and was a teacher so i knew she would be a good mother to my children

WHAT !!! NO stories of love at first sight .Fine...fine it was how they thought about each other, BEFORE getting to know each other better, so kinda superficial answers but.... AyooOoo so not LoManTik lah

Standing beside their Wedding Photograph

There are times when I listen to some of their conversations and think that their on two completely different planets . Like a conversation they recently had in the car while driving ...

Dad : Look at that biscuit factory. I heard their laying off workers there also. The world economy is getting from bad to worst, they say were still going strong but the question is how long ? We all need to start spending carefully and be thrifty ** Starts to ramble about falling stock prices and on the MNE-es that were closing down in Penang which he read about in the news ** What do you think ah?

Mum : Ah talking about biscuits, were all out of them. Remind me to stop at Carefour when we go back, to get more ok.

Dad : Didn't you hear what i said ?

Mum : Yes, but i'm not worried about that. We really did run out of biscuits.

What wouldn't i given for a tape recorder at that time . I laughed till i cried . Now I'm not saying my mum is a blond, she reads the news daily and is way more informed on current affairs then me . But thats how they are :) My mum is more the "Don't worry be happy type" and my dad well he's more the "Let's not be too happy and just worry in case it doesn't last" type.

Living together with someone for 27 years is no joke. Despite their deferences, to me it the small things they do that makes their relationship so great .

Like how my dad :

Always holds my mum's hand, be it when shes crossing the road, drain or stream.

Always helps her out with the cooking in the kitchen so she wont get tired or feel bored

Being by her side through every step of the way in her uphill battle with cancer.

Skipped work and made sure he followed her for every consultation, check up, operation and chemo therapy

Gets her flowers for mothers day

And always reminding me and my sister how lucky we are to have a mother like her

And Like how my mum :

Nags at my dad not to do too much sports, so he wouldn't tire himself .

Takes care of my father whenever he falls ill, from making chicken soup to getting him to take his meds

Insist on serving food for him at the table

Always remembers to get him something for every birthday. Ehem even at times sponsors our gifts to him too.

Colour coordinates their outfits when they go together for events

Always reminds us to respect our father and reminds us of the things many he has done for us .

No matter what they say or do, at the end of the day its the little things you see them do that shows how much they care for each other

To Mummy and Daddy Happy 27th Anniversary :) You guys will always be my favorite couple .

Kalah, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron


"Love at first sight is easy to understand; it's when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime, that's when it becomes a miracle."
- Amy Bloom - Award Winning American Writer


I woke up today soaked in sweat. I had my first nightmare in a long long time.

I tossed and turned . tossed and turned .

the wind was howling.. it was raining.

I counted sheep. drank water.

Tried but i just could not go back to bed.

Soon the sky turned from black to purple, from orange to blue


and at the corner of my eye i spotted it.

a Rainbow.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.

A 7 colored roller coaster, at the theme park in the sky.

half gone and almost fading, but beautiful all the same.

I saw that rainbow and knew it was going be a wonderful day.

Its only 7 am, i may be overly optimistic

My eyes are Bloodshot, my skin is Dry and my hair is Flat.

Basically i look like Crap.

and In a few hours I'll be going for a meeting at AWAM, which I'm less then prepared for.

For all you know today may be the worst day of my life.

But for now I'd like to capture this moment in words

Because if today really turns out to be horrible, I'll read back what i wrote

and remember the happy Post-it note God left me, in the sky.

p/s : Hello again.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Static Thoughts

I'm hopeless give me 1 week of holiday and already I'm bored, I'm definitely getting an internship for the 4 month holidays or I'll go crazy

So I've been writing a lot which is a good thing. getting my thoughts in order on pen and paper, now if only i could read my own writing

I have 5 new drafts to add to my 30 drafts for my blog . I'm finishing these 5 even it it kills me. I swear

I woke up at 9 am to watch the VP debates on CNN. It was so not worth all the hype lah. Palin is weird my mind remains unchanged .

Do you know why i watch so much news ? Well because the only extra package subscribed for my Astro is the bloody news and learning channels . Thus my moments in front of the TV comprises of watching Hitler give a speech on the History Channel , Watching the anchors on CNN tell me who died in the last 5 seconds and watch animals have sex on Animal Planet . (Seriously its called Wild Sex my eyes nearly popped out when i saw the title on my info screen and then i saw two gorillas have a go at it. I'm scarred for life now. )

Then when i get bored of that i watch strange Malay drama's on RTM , do you know there is a Malaysian version of Grays Anatomy ? Yes its called Ampang Medical . Seriously its a great series go ahead cut you Star Word subscription and start watching it .

:( fine i lied . its not great. I want you people to suffer along with me

I'm am addicted to THIS . Its a great site for fact junkies like did u know :

1. Crazy people put razorblades in apples and needles in Halloween candy. There have been specific, documented cases about kids being pricked by needles hidden inside of Halloween candy. More than 80 cases have been recorded since 1959, but only 10 resulted in even a minor injury. The worst case was when one woman required a couple of stitches. In 2000, though, a man in Minneapolis did put needles in Snickers bars and handed them out to kids he didn’t even know. One boy did get stuck, but not enough to require medical attention. The man responsible was charged with intent to cause death, harm or illness.

Or that

2. Polish sprinter Stanislawa Walasiewicz (aka Stella Walsh), who set 11 world records in her career, winning the 100-meter Olympic finals in 1932 with what one official described as "long man-like strides."

After she died in 1980, however, it was revealed that she had indeed been a man.

Yes go there if you like reading about redundant but interesting facts. Its like a condensed version of Wikipedia

I cant wait to watch High school Musical 3 and write another review on it. I remember how the first one brought me so much JOY

Finally after months of procrastinating I've finished Prozac Nation. It was an irritatingly good read. Like really it was a well written irritating book.

I've been watching so much stand up comedies that i think i lost my soul. You know when you start laughing hysterically at "How do u put a Baby in the Blender" jokes you need to start watching some Disney to keep the karma in balance.

I've not been on Facebook for so long that yesterday when i tried to log in i discovered that i've forgotten my password.

Now to make this redundant post seem longer i shall do a tag :


a) Answer the questions below, do a Google Image search with your answer, take a picture from the page of results, and do it with minimal words of explanation.

b) Tag 5 other people to do the same once you’ve finished answering every question.

1. The age you’ll be on your next birthday

Sing with me now "I dont wanna grow up .. i wanna be a Toys R' US kid ......"

2. A place you’d like to travel to

I <3>

3. Your favourite place

I love going to both the old and the modern side of KL. Can never get bored of it.

4. Your favourite food

Fried rice . Might not be exotic but it sure taste good

5. Your Favorite drink

Surprise surprise ;)

6. Your favourite pet

All together now "Awwwwwww"

7. Your favorite colour combination

I always thought red and turquoise looked great together

8. Your favourite piece of clothing

Give me a pair of Jeans and I'm good to go

9. Your favourite TV show

Intelligent humor at its best.

10. First name of your significant other

Hey blame it on Disney

11. The town in which you live

Yeesh as soon as i typed Subang Jaya in Google Images all the accident cases that happened here came out, So i thought a map of the place would be less depressing

12. Your first job

LoL a teacher i was, but i never used a sari and i wasnt so Garang lah

13. Your dream job


14. A bad habit you have

Story of my life

15. Your worst fear

Of taking the wrong path.

16. What you’d like to do before you die

To see all 1000 of them .

Thats a wrap ! So if you patiently read this post till the end then .....

T-A-G your it !

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

**puff the magic dragon

Multiple Assignments are driving me insane

"Back to early mornings and late nights. piles of assignments. mountain of readings. oceans of coffee. stress. zits. Fits.


How annoying i swear if someone else told me that I'd shoot em.

I just want to sleep and not think anymore .

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Have you witnessed a moment you wished could be frozen in time ?

What better way to do that but take a picture of it right ?

Everyday i encounter these moments but its always when i don't bring my camera .

I'm gonna try to paint you a picture of words, on these moments i witnessed while i was at the park today :

An old Chinese women looks over her husband's shoulder with an expression of curious disgust while he hooks a worm onto her fishing line. With a mischievous grin the old man wiggles the worm in front of her face causing her to scream bloody murder .

I stopped to laugh when i saw that. too cute.


A young couple walking with their mullet sporting young son sandwich between them. While walking the young boy starts to complain how tired he is . The mother grabs the boy's right hand and the father grabs the left . Together they hoisted and started swinging the giggling kid in between them.


Three expensive looking fishing rods propped in front of a guy lazing on his wooden chair having a smoke while waiting for his catch

If that photo had a caption it would be 'Chilling'


Five laughing young boys . 2 Malay , 2 Chinese and 1 Indian. Hold up their makeshift fishing rods made of mop handles and string, run around the lake while arguing on who's going to catch a bigger fish.

Very Petronas Advert. i know. but colour me unity if that moment didn't make me smile.


Eight serious looking runners whizz by with their heads bopping to the tunes playing on their iPods which was probably monitoring their run through the chip implanted in their matching Nikes

Ah the wonders of technology


A young girl clad in a pink jumpsuit holding the leash of her rat dog, or better known as a Chihuahua which was dressed up in a tiny pink vest. After three attempts of 'running' the dog just completely stood still and refused to move. The little girl ended up carrying the dog the rest of the round.

As cute as the dog was it still looked like a rat in a tutu to me.


A father encouraging his little daughter to walk to him. After 2 steps she falls down and starts to cry. He runs to her, picks her up and makes funny faces to make her laugh.


Watching the reflection of the sunset amidst the purple hued sky, on the surface of the lake.


My parents, synchronized in motion doing Tai Chi together in front of the glistening lake.

I kept complaining to them how ridiculous they looked but honestly I'd caption that photo as 'Poetry in motion' .


My mum , dad and I walking from the park to the car after our jog.

We looked like the poster family for 'Keluarga sihat, Keluarga bahagia'


"The camera doesn't make a bit of difference. All of them can record what you are seeing. But, you have to SEE."
Ernst Haas, Comment in workshop, 1985

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


You've heard of Verbal Diarrhoea.

Well I'm having Verbal Constipation .

Will be back soon once I've taken my Laxatives.

p/s : You can thank me later for the beautiful imagery

Sunday, August 24, 2008

You know you grew up in the 90's when....

I was feeling quite nostalgic this weekend. Now if there is one thing i miss the most it would my childhood. I got a forwarded mail which jump started these memories . So to all those who grew up in the 90's prepare for a road trip down memory lane :

- Waking up for Saturday morning cartoons ... wait and Sunday morning cartoons ... oh and there was the 4 o'clock cartoons everyday ... oh so thats why i never finished my homework ... "its all coming back.... its coming back to me now ..."

Ah Optimus Prime in all his cartoon glory .

Thunder .... Thunder ...ThunderCATS !!!!

Sing it with me now "Captain Planet he's the hero ! Gonna take pollution down to Zero !" Forget Al-Gore's inconvenient truth . Wanna teach your kids to save the environment let em watch this.

Wohoooo Turtle Power !

Jem and the Holograms ! This my friends was the original Hannah Montana ...

Now i loved every one of them . But dam that rabbit always drove me insane with his ''Eh, What's up Doc?" Every time Elmer Fud came after Bugs with a gun. I'd cheer for Elmer unfortunately the dam rabbit just didn't. want. to. dieeeee

As u can see cartoons were a major influence in my life. Dam i'm making it sound like thats a great thing. anyway its best i move on with my list ...

- A time where your friends came in 3 categories "Kawan" , "Tak Nak Kawan" or the ever famous "Tipu-Tipu Kawan" . Ah Beautiful thing friendship

Running around like crazy fools playing 'ice' and 'water '

Those clapping games "Under the rainbow .. Under the see ... dum dum dum ...

Finding out who the gorila loves .... "A.E.I.O.U Bangali loves you bla .. bla ... bla GORILA LOVES YOU ! " and then you and your intellectual friends would burst out laughing at the poor person the gorilla was presumably in love with

Hehe I love u too

- Folding paper into a flower and moving it rapidly while you pick out what car , house , and guy you were going to marry ... And when your done picking, your friend excitedly reads out your future

" Your gonna marry Brad Pitt..... Live in a Castle ... and drive a Kancil ! "

This prediction is normally followed by more intellectual giggles while u grin at the thought of being Mrs.Pitt one day .

- Where life's biggest problems and questions were always solved with either, scissors paper stone or inky ... pinky ... ponky ... father had a donkey .... you know how it goessss

- Snacking on this :

- Chewing this :

- Of course bugging your parents at the store to buy you this :

Ah remember the dam commercials "Tora datang lagi dengan *insert strange sounding toy here*" Lol the chocolate tasted like shit but dam the toys that came with it was awesome. Although i remember always breaking them after 2 days. Oh well .. good times .. good times ...

- Buying dozens of those erasers with the country flags to have eraser 'competitions' with your friends

- Computer classes where i leant Lotus 1,2,3 and MS DOS, and for the life of me i cant remember what these programs did

- When your school library only had 1 computer, which no one was ever allowed to use.

- Playing brick game ...
the poor man's game boy .... Hey till today I still can play tetris till my eyes fall out .... ah the influences of our past

- Having a bloody ..... TAMAGOTCHI ... Hey It was the only pet i was allowed to keep ... I fed it .. played with it ... Bathed it ... cleaned its shit ...gave it shots when it was sick .... and waited excitedly for it to wake up so i could repeat it all again ... It was the best digital dinosour in the whole world. Fine it did die 345834539404 times ... but the feelings were real u hear !

- Intense and i mean INTENSE Monopoly sessions .

Ah the fun filled wholesome board game that thought me to lie. cheat. and steal. I was always the Banker :D

- Those dam Pro Yo's ... which made having a yo yo cool again .... Do you know how many days it took me to do the 'round the world' and 'walk the dog' trick ... dam i was cool :S

- Ah who can forget these card games .... My friends and i got sick of the please-es and thank you-es in Happy Family. We changed it to Dysfunctional Family and the ruder you were in the game the better . ah we were such 'rebels' . Eeek Old Maid ... I was always plagued with that card .... prediction of the future much ? :( *touch wood touch wood touch wood*

- Screaming 'ON' and 'OFF' while hitting your forehead whenever a plane passed by .... i actually never did get that ... LoL 'stupid see, stupid do' i guess

- Saying abuden ... Because .... well because ... everyone was saying it ..... abuden

Having 'autograph books' despite the fact you sill had 4 more years till you leave school. I used to be dam stressed whenever my friends gave me theirs to do. ah i was creatively challenged you see. so half the time i got away by sticking stickers all over my page . There was normally a structure that would be followed:

First there there would be one page where u wrote your biodata ...

Then you would proceed to name out all your Fav.-es. food,friends,books ect....

Next comes the dedication part where you would give comments *always good
ones* on your friends

Finally on the last page you would tell your friend how you guys would be
friends forever and ever, now and forever .

Hey i've done enough to remember the structure till now .... dam ....

- Signing your name as if it was a piece art .... filling it either with hearts , paw imprints , smiley faces, winking smiley faces .... in multicolor pens ...

- The Attack of the BOY BANDS ! Backstreet's Back ALRIGHT !!!!

- Saving money up to buy Galaxie so you could oggle at the posters if your favorite Boy Bands with your friends. Although now i look at these posters and cringe .....

- Savage Garden *Loves*

- The Spice Girls were cooler then cool
and the Spice World VCR was brought to school and traded because it was thee MUST WATCH MOVIE

- T'was the era of cheesy one liners thanks to of the movie people watched 34054093 times ..... TITANIC . I swear if i had 10 cents for every time i heard "You Jump, I Jump", I'd be a millionaire by now

Oh, just do us all a favor and JUMP ALREADY !

- Always attempting to 'rap' to the intro song for Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

" In West Philadelphia born and raised On the playground is where I spent most of my days Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin', all cool And all shootin' some b-ball outside of the school When a couple of guys, who were up to no good Started makin' trouble in my neighborhood I got in one little fight and my mom got scared And said, "You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air ."

- Getting "Goosebumps" while reading the many twisted works of R.L Stine .

- Where those blond annoying twins, Elisabeth and Jessica were your best friends ... ah the joys of Sweet Valley

- iPods be dammed .... Walkmans were way cooler anyways

- Chatting made easy with ICQ and MIRC

- When it took you lesser time to go to the library and borrow a book, then it did for u to go from one web page to another . Ah Dial Up ... i shall forever be haunted by the squealing and wailing whenever it was connecting

- The time where Dr. Mahathir could do no wrong in my eyes

- It was also the time where the only section I'd read in the newspaper was the cartoons

- Ah remember Bill Clinton ?

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky"


- Watching Mulder and Scully deny their love and catch aliens in every episode of the X-Files

- Finally holding your breath and
waiting for the world to end, as the clock struck 12 on new years eve 1999 ... because of the Y2K scare .

This list can probably go on forever ... I'll probably make another one when nostalgia strikes again .

Till then those are the reasons why .....