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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Happy Cows

With the thought of turning 21 next year and entering university i am officially

going through my:

QUARTER-LIFE CRISIS (which by the way really exist according to

wikipedia ,
The quarter life crisis (QLC) is a term applied to the period

of life immediately following the
major changes of adolescence, usually

ranging from the ages of 21 - 29
. Well that

definition was for the people who told me to shut up and stop being dramatic )

Anyhow unlike a Mid-life crisis-es i cant exactly buy those life begins at 40

kind of books . But honestly i did go to MPH and searched for any books

entitled Life begins at 21 and surprise surprise no help there .

Well anyways during this unstable period of my life my mum calls me to go

shopping for new bedsheets . Well we go and start looking at the million

ones on display u know, one with flowers , leafs , clouds those sort of stuff,

my mum wanted to get me one called HARMONY it was pretty,

with a mixture of flowers and leaves very harmony-ish.

Well i really couldn't be bothered so i agreed BUT before paying for it i spotted

the most strangest one in the bunch which of course was love at first sight,

i thought :

"Now there is something that will turn back time and put a stop on my Crisis"

and to my mothers **horror** i throw dear old Harmony away and lugged the

new one to the casher . She kept on saying things in the lines of :

" No way , Never , I'm not going to pay for that , If u get it I'll never let anyone come up to your room "

But i stuck to my ground it and she caved in . Even when we were at the

cashier she didn't give up throwing other options at me :

" Oh look at this one its so pretty , Now this would really match your curtains, Oh just get the other one I'll even get you new pillows "

Oh my poor mother , grudgingly she paid for my choice muttering on how

she should have just come alone and just gotten me one instead of asking

my opinion . Yes mother i believe thats called COMMUNISM . Anyhow

when i got back my mum immediately asked me to try it on my bed to see

if it fits coz if it doesn't we will have to change it .Yes she did light up with

a smile at the words " Change It " .

Well so we changed the bedsheets and it fitted like a glove =)

Behold the transformation :




My HAPPY COWS BED SPREAD . Anyhow it certainly brightened up my

mood and i feel less crisis-ish . I am now in my Farm of Denial with my

Happy Cows . I think i should write those self help books you know

something in the lines of :

" How to Get Over Your Quarter-Life Crisis "

Well , not one of the most Original of titles , but you know what i mean.

Loves it .
Well ok ok she doesn't Love it but she definitely Likes it now ! She said it suited my personality . Hmmm i wonder what that means ........

Well after this me and my happy cows will greet the adventures of turning 21

with a brave front . Makes me wonder what i'll do when i have my Mid-Life

crisis next . I'll probably have to buy a REAL Happy Cow farm .


" The purpose of life is to fight maturity. "
Dick Werthimer


sang said...

Now i'm dreading coming back....apparently i'm forced to have my QLC too:(

Saravanan said...

OH MY GOD that bedsheet is awesome.. You are soo funny mala... LOL!!!

marc. said...

ur blog is hilarious !!!! Kudos Mal !!!!

MaL said...

Sang : Of course you must . A family that lives together suffers together :D

Sara : Ahahahaha weird people are attracted to weird things . thanks sara , cant wait till u get back !

Marc : Thanks Marc ur nice to say that !

Brendan said...

Horrible, Just horrible sheets.

I love them.

I will also be enjoying my possum-themed ones when I am 40. Except maybe I can have the basement bedroom.