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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Teens gone Wild-cats

People are driven to do crazy things when they are bored . Take me for example , i was bored in Melaka and while the whole family went out to the temple i staid back at home . At my grandmothers house they have a huge ass aquarium , i honestly think fishes are the most useless pets . why u ask ? well its simple THEY DO NOTHING . Yes you stare at them they stare back at You . You hit the glass they swim away but only to swim back 1 minit later . Trust me this is only amusing for the first 10 times u do it then it gets boring . I should know as i did it , because they were the only things alive in the house for me to annoy . So of course i turn to they one things that never fails to amuse me THE TV.

As i was flipping channels guess what show was playing . yes people the highly anticipated show of the summer ... the show that the whole world is crazy about "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2 !!!" I didn't even watch the first one but i thought what the hell lets see whats driving people so crazy about it . I was not disappointed it was the most hilarious show i have ever watched . i swear if they asked me to write a review on it this is how it would be:

" it was like watching a bollywood movie .... only with white kids "

Oh god !! it was barely 10 mints into the show and already i heard 3 songs and they sing it at the most abrupt-est times . The kids all excited for their summer break to begin , their at their last class their teacher is droning on about something and suddenly the bell rings what do the kids do ? SCHOOL'S OUT SCREAM AND SHOUT ! why sing of course , isn't it the most natural thing to to . And suddenly the whole class jumps up and start singing jumping on tables the their school is over and of course as it is the most natural thing to do , the whole school joins their happy song .

Sureeee didn't ur last day of school look like that . Why imagine the same scene only in our own Sekolah Menegah school in Malaysia , its the last day of school . Their bored waiting for their class to be over and when it is , our hero well lets call him Zeki Effran , gets up and starts to sing and dance :

" Mari kawan kawan sekolah dah habis ! mari kita menyanyi sama sama !!!! "

And whats the teachers response to this ?


Yup my friends i don't think high school musical scenes will be playing in the Government school near you any time soon . Oh and speaking about the stars of it , well Zac Efron no matter how blue his eyes were , annoyed the heak out of me . I mean the so called "Villain" if the show was out to seduce him this summer , and she did everything but strip in front of him to get his attention , showering him with gifts (which he took of course ) sticks to him like glue 24/7 and our hero of course remains oblivious to the fact that she likes him . And half the show all u could see was him was prancing around ur tv screen singing one stupid song after another. ( which I'm still humming right now) .

And of course since its a Disney show it had to be wrapped up in bubblegum . Zac and his on screen gf Vanessa what'sherface had so many of those "almost kisses" . All i was screaming at the tv was

LREADY " BUT NOOOO those too continued to have more of those "almost kisses" and gazing into each others faces adoringly (see picture and barf) . It was so sweet i think i got diabetes just looking at them .

OOOoooo and not forgetting Vanessa our heroine , and her "i-am-going-to-smother-you-with-sweetness-till-you-choke-and-die" attitude annoyed me till no end too . god it was like she had no life of her own without her knight and dancing armor . And her annoying wave when she sees her bf , don't get me started it was so so so so so perky .

And not forgetting the supporting cast , the African American dude with the big hair (pic) , well in one scene they were trying to convince him to dance with them in this talent show or something and he was all so adamant saying "NO ! No Way , There is No way in hell I'm gonna dance "
(well he didn't say hell Disney wouldn't have been to happy if he did) making a HUGE fuss that he didn't want to , when guess who was dancing on tables and singing at the beginning when school was out . And of course what more sane and rational way would they use but to convince him to dance with a , yup you guessed it a SONG !!! i mean isn't that what you would do too . So there he was DANCING mind you and singing along with the other idiots on how he DIDN'T WANT TO DANCE. And the whole time i was there on the sofa laughing my head off. Yes i think i scared the fishes too .

I think the only person in the show who didn't annoy me was the so called "villain" who was supposed to annoy everyone with her bratty attitude , i think she acted really well . Well to be honest at that point my family came back and i was talking to them and totally forgot to watch the ending . I'm sure this is one show with no surprise ending , so i didn't loose any sleep trying to figure out if Zac really did end up with Vanessa in the end .

Well PEople after my review i have only one thing to say to u guys :

ah Disney would be so proud of me :)

"Television enables you to be entertained in your home by people you wouldn't have in your home". - David Frost


Anonymous said...

hey rabbit,that's an excellent review....couldnt stop laughing...hmm we'l just have to wait for HSM 3...pretty sure it'l be 'suspense' all around:)

keep on writting....

sang said...

dont forget you annoyed me too:)
stupid show.....but i bet it was hilarious,you kept updating me

Sukie said...

omg woman. hahahahaha...i watched it here....and....i just went.

i prefer the first movie. you really should watch the first one. it's loads better.

Ee May said...

Ooh Ooh Oooooh!!!

chongkz said...

Hey, MAL! Finally, I shall officially declare the fact you're not all so technophobic! Anyhow, this entry is hilarious man! Keep writing.

MaL said...

Anon : ahaha thanks ! omg HSM 3 the horror !!! i'm sure this time around it will win the Oscar .

Sang : you know you love me aka . yes yes we must watch it together again once u get back . good luck in ur exams !!!

Sukie :Ahaha really ? then i'll give the 1st one the benefit of the doubt and watch it , only coz u recommended it .

Ee May : :D hope ur as spastic as ever so am i as u can see :)

J-MAN : Yes !!! you see i knew u would see how bijak cyber i am , and that day i even sent an e-mail instead of posting a letter . i'm progressing so fast you all may not catch up . ahahaha thank you i will (i hope) .

jacq said...

haha the first one is better. the second one made me cringe.

MaL said...

Jac : I'll definitely watch the 1st one since everyone said its the better of the two . I don't know why producers make sequels most ones are always not as good at the first .

bokyoong said...

ughh..u watched HSM ah?
aihyer....me despised. very.