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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

of plastic bags n ones that clam that their not ....

Well this blogging thing is turning out to be more harder the i expected well the fact that i'm
but lazy could be a main reason . oh well credit should be given that i'm actually trying this time. I'm doing this to prove the people who call me a technophobic person its not technophobia ppl its procrastination :D . Well what i wanted to comment this time is the cult craze by Anya Hindmarch yes you know the one , the designer bag that self proclaims that its NOT a plastic bag even when even a blind man can see that its not . Yes i do believe the "i'm not a plastic bag " bag was designed to insult the intelligence of mankind .

Yes Anya thank you for pointing out the obvious i can now sleep well at night knowing that ur stupid bag is not a plastic bag . The bag which is now going on ebay for USD200 and rising , is originally priced at USD 15 but because of the popularity and it being sold out in many of its outlets , many people are willing to pay an arm and leg for it . I heard its going for RM55 in Malaysia that is way affordable judging how expensive her usual stuff are but you can forget it if u think u can go to the store and get it there is a prebook list and waiting list with the names of every female in MaLAysia on it . I dont really know whats the big deal about it . The bags are mass produced in china thus don't be surprised to see a "Made in china" label stamped on your stylo bag . According to BBC (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/6587169.stm ) , the bag which is to "to encourage people not to use plastic carrier bags" while shopping , which is is pretty impossible judging how much Malaysians shop . Tell me try to think of ur last shopping trip at Giant and think how many of these bags would it take to fit it all ur stuff . Look at the pretty picture below how many of u guys buy only this for ur grocery shoppin ?

I can just imagin the aunties who shop at the market go :

" Where to put the chicken and fish leh ? "

Every it person in Tinseltown is carrying this bag why even Prince Charles wrote to her saying how much he loved the bag . However since her vision for this campaign is good , as long as her motives for a greener earth is the only thing on her mind she should be applauded * inner hippie talking* . And as long as shes not using any sweatshops in china to make this bags its ok .

Anyhow what sparked this topic is what i saw a few days ago as i was roaming the streets of KL . On my way to the Monorail station i saw something so hilarious which i'm sure would make poor ol' Anya horrified . Our dear pirated goods makers have came up with an ingenious design update of the bag . Yes its exactly the same , with the writing professing loudly still that , "I'm not a plastic bag" only with one slight difference .... its made of plastic . Now thats a bag i want to buy , a bag that confuses everyone it says one thing and it is another , you cant exactly call a bag a liar now can you . I guess the designers at Pirated Inc.was going for the Ironic angle . What ingenious insight . Anya should get some ideas from them . I so wish i had a camera at that time i really want a picture of the bag . i shall go to every pirated bag shop in kl to search for this bag , i want it more then the ori one .

Oh well i guess thats all for now . Tara !

" I can't criticize what I don't understand. If you want to call this art, you've got the benefit of all my doubts." -
Charles Rosin, Northern Exposure, Aurora Borealis, 1990


jacq said...

<3 hey there. p.s. i love your writing.
peace my hippie soul sister ;)

$uki3 said...

heheheheheh MALATI!!!! LOVE THE POST!!!!

MaL said...

Jac : *LaLa peace sign* peace be with you . thanks :) ahaha i cant belive i started blogging too hopefully i blog more the 5 post , tho i wouldn't bank on it . watch this space . <3

sUKIE : ahaha thanks girl . i'm still smiling over ur good news :) ahahah cant wait to tease u more on it .

Anonymous said...

u write very well...u'v got a good eye for writting...keep it up eh,hope to read more of ur jostlings.

p/s would love to see a pic of the bag too

jacq said...

hahah please keep on writing. i kept mine on for longer than 5 posts
so you have to too!

bokyoong said...

oh my, mal going green??
wut happened to you?
Anywyas, ANTM cycle 9 is going green too! tyra banned those model wannabes from smoking!

MaL said...

Anon : Thanks very much ! ur very kind .ahahah when i find it i'll put it up on the blog n u can see it too.

Jac : i will ! and *hint*
*hint* woman i like reading ur blog so u mesti update soon ok :)

Sam : peace dude . ahahah u just want my blog to be black like urs , good for her i miss watching ANTM !!! the Janice one is ok too but only for the eye candy :D

Anonymous said...

hey mal its tim so your blog add on MSN so decided to check it out and it is awsome dude! keep on writing we need more writers like you in malaysia!!! peace out mal.

MaL said...

Tim : :) Thanks a lot. Hope we get to meet up soon we have so much to catch up. Hope your having a great 2008 :)