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Friday, December 28, 2007

Benazir Bhutto - You can silence the voice but you can never kill the Dream

(1953 - 2007)

"I don’t fear death...I don’t think it can happen unless God wants it to happen
because so many people have tried to kill me." -Benazir Bhutto-

She said that once at an interview when asked after the two attempts made to

murder her , if she was worried of the chosen path she had took .

A Confident and powerful woman who was never afraid to voice out her

views , she was everything hated by fundamentalist but she still decided to

push on an go ahead with her chosen path . She was the first women to hold

such a high position of power in a Muslim country .

Before she died she was ranked highest on the election polls , what made

people think she was different from the other candidates ; Was it her

charismatic personality? Her dream for Democracy? or just knowing

that with her there will be hope for a better Pakistan? One things for sure .

They Believed in her .

I have been following her political campaign ever since she came out

from exile, it made me develop a great amount of respect towards this

amazing woman . Speculations on who was behind her assassination

have been circulating like wildfire some believe its Osama while others

think its Musharraf . These conspiracy theories are inevitable but the

fact remains. She was murdered.

It is sad that we have to mark the end of the year with the death of this

great woman. It is also sad to think that such violence is still prevalent in

todays world . They may have silenced the voice of democracy but they

will never kill the dream for Democracy.

The soul of man is immortal and imperishable.
Greek author & philosopher in Athens (427 BC - 347 BC)-

Saturday, December 22, 2007

i am a unicorn

Don't pay any attention to the title there is no hidden meaning to it. I sat there thinking of a good one and nothing clever came to mind so i just wrote a random one.

So many things have been going on in my life i don't even know where to begin. My internship at the place i'm working at, Center for Independent Journalism (CIJ) just ended , I've have had such an amazing time and I'm so glad i was accepted for it .

Few days ago we had an internship evaluation and while doing it i thought to myself , i cant believe i did all these things in 3 months it never really felt like work . But I'm glad to move on to a new chapter in my life . Should blog on my work ... soon.... soon.... . Finally I'm free and officially bumming around till i start Uni in Feb.

Anyways i just , ( well 'just' meaning many weeks ago but i was so lazy to blog on it , pretty ironic since i just came back from a Writers workshop ) got back from this 4 day live in Workshop held by AWAM ( a Womans rights NGO ) and the European Council called Writers for Womens Rights Program held at Armada Hotel.

Its a program for young women ages 18-35 to get educated on womens issues and rights and to write about them in the media . They have been having this every year but I've never heard of it . Well my boss told me and Anna (my fellow intern) about it and encouraged us to apply for it . We wrote our application essays (After i edited mine for about 100 times) and we were so glad that they accepted both of us for it .

Behold the comments i got after people found out i was accepted in the program :

" Mal , have fun at your Lesbian conference "

"Its a witches cult. Ur going to spend four days dancing round fires and eating human flesh"

"Its actually a casting for a lesbian porn "

" Your going to come back hating men "

" Their going to find out by the end of the workshop , you still love those Disney Princes Movies AND THEY WILL KILL YOU ! "

Well rest assured people :

a ) No it was not a lesbian conference

b ) No I have not turned into a witch or the next Hannibal Lecter
thus no human flesh was served to me . Actually
Armada has
a Bloody awesome buffet , Thats another thing is miss
The Great food .... Oh the
free flow of ice cream how
i miss you so ......

c ) (-_-'') NO it wasn't 'actually' a casting for a Lesbian porn , no matter
how convinced you were that it was .

d ) No i didn't come back hating men well ..... not all at least

c ) and No they didn't kill me when they found out i still love those
Disney Princess Movies .....
Well to be honest David they didn't ask so i didn't tell :) Anyway
No one can kill my inner Disney princess ! *alright alright
Bimbotic moment over *

Before entering the program i too had my own fears on joining it like :

  • "Oh i don't consider myself a feminist and i know next to nothing on feminism how if they have deep discussions on it that i'm totally clueless about "
  • " God i'm such i power puff girl what the hell am i doing here "
  • *as emo as this sounds* "Oh i'm not good enough to be selected for this"
  • " God what if they ask me to share personal stories ..... what will i say"

But honestly right from the first day i could feel all my doubts and fears that i had being cleared . The whole program was so inspiring and such an eye opener .

There were only 15 girls including me chosen for the program and by the end of the 4 days we all became such close friends . It was a jam pack 4 days we had sessions from 9 am till 10 pm , only stopping for lunch and dinner .

The first session was called "tell me" where we had to DRAW a picture diagram as creative as we could to chart our development in life . Firstly :

a) At the word Draw i cringed . You are looking at a girl who can even mess
up drawing a stick man .

b) I was thinking how the hell am i going up to these strangers and tell them
about myself without looking stupid.

As i sat and looked at my blank white mahjong paper i couldn't draw a single thing i froze , all that kept replaying in my mind was what the hell did i get myself into. But i (when they announced that we had only 5 minits left) grabbed my marker and started drawing a strange chart of my development in life . Which of course i drew myself as a stick person . I was terrified and wanted to be the last to go .

As i heard each girl and also the coordinators go up and tell the story of their lives i felt humbled . Here were these people who each other for barely 5 mints , were standing up and sharing their most personal secrets , fears and problems . I felt sadden to listen to some and also angry when i heard of the injustice done towards them . To me i thought it was really brave of them to do what they did on that day .

When it was finally my turn i took a deep breath and told them my story . It was a brief one of who i am and what i've been doing before i joined the program . It was a good exercise to do as it made me reflect my actions in my life which some i'm proud of and some that i'm not .

After that session we all felt closer to each other as we shared so much with each other that conversation flowed
freely between everyone . As the days went by we were introduced to topics like Violence against woman , it was a somber session as when you hear how so many women are subjected to different types to violence , you feel angry towards the injustice subjected upon them.

The representation of women in the media . I found that particular session very interesting as i never noticed so many things that they pointed out before . Like how in one particular newspaper , They had two articles on the same page about :

1. A Malaysian male singer who won a competition .In the article he had his
picture practically covering half of the page and had a big write up on the
recent award he won and a also on his upcoming concert .

2. Malaysian female who was a politician in Australia . In her article there
was a small passport sized photo of her and a even smaller write up on
her accomplishment in Australia .

Things like this you don't notice at a glance but how many of us stop and think of this being a kind of male chauvinism which is apparent in the media ? Many people think fighting for these kinds of issues are like fighting a loosing battle but thank god many womens groups don't think they are .

Another session at the workshop that struck me was the one on sexuality where in it they were talking about the people who are labeled as being "different" ( gays , lesbians , mak nyah's , transvestites ..... etc ) are openly discriminated upon . I myself have many friends who are gay and never thought treating them any different despite of their choice . But to listen to all these stories on how society reacts to these people really saddens me . Do you know that there was a group formed called Pergerakkan Sukarela Rakyat Anti-Homoseksual (PASRAH) that went around spying and catching gay people trying to make them repent and change their ways? Shouldn't people be free to choose whatever path they wish to take in life ? Just because they choose a different lifestyle from the norm dose not mean their any different from anyone else . Dam those ignorant people :(

There were also many other sessions that were held . With a bunch of amazing speakers like Jacquelin Ann Surin from the SUN , Shanon Shah from Amnesty International , my Boss Gayathry from CIJ and many more . It was inspiring to listen to them as they have dedicated their whole lives fighting for what they believe in and knew what they were talking about .

Despite all this we also had loads of FUN . There was free flow of coffee thus all of us were buzzed on caffeine throughout :D We had a social session on one of the days and had drinks and played silly games ... LoL . When we played truth of dare ...and of course i just had to pick dare and had to act out something stupid which of course i did and of course the girls had their cameras on video mode ... sigh i was threatened that it will be up on youtube ... oh the stupid things i do ....

At the Social session

Me and Melody with our *ehem* Orange Juices during truth or dare . I found out me and Melody was from the same High School what a small world ey !

At the last day we decided to go out drinking . At first we went to this dogy bar at the hotel where it was filled with slimy old men ... half naked women singing horribly ... Beer that cost RM18 ... and boring music that puts you to sleep not dance ... honestly i've had more fun at funerals then at that place ... Anyway before leaving we took one obligatory group shot at the dogy bar to remind us of the 'fond' memories of our 60 seconds at that place :

We then decided to be cheapskate and buy our drinks at Giant so the bunch of us walked to the nearest Giant which of course had to be closed . So we detoured to 7'11 and got em there and had the party at one our our rooms . We talked , drank , took silly pictures and had a good laugh :)

Haha nothing says angry feminist like that picture :)

Yes i know i'm smiling like a Jackass in this one


Yes and not forgetting World Peace

After that i proceeded to bug my roommate Seetha . To take more silly pictures :

Haha i love this pic :) Seetha shall win the Best Roommate of the Year Award for waking me up in the mornings and for being such a great person

Seetha : Why do you need to take pictures of the bathroom for ?
Me : Well you never know one day you may want to remember how it looked like and plus its so nice what !
Seetha : Crazy one

On the last day , was a sad seeing everyone leave but i'm glad i met these amazing people who are fun and really care enough to want to make a change .From the laughter to the stories we shared all these people i met at the program were really great and i'm gonna miss each and every one of them . But its good that despite the program being over we've all managed to keep in touch thanks to Facebook , e-mail etc... :)

Pictures from the last day :

Us at the place we pig out on Armada's awesome food

The ever smiling and wacky Jee Wan

Two Sweethearts Jee Wan and Maisarah

Alicia who's so bubbly and fun

Cheerful Meena and Kind Eva

Beautiful Melody

Our very wonderful coordinator Yi Xing

Three girls who are cheerful and friendly
Apsara . Shazana . Siew Lian

A posed picture taken by Melody of me . LoL i look like i want to hit someone lah .

I left WWRP with many fond memories . A few weeks later i even wrote to the papers on an issue which i felt strongly of :

It was regarding on a news article of a rapist who had his appeal to reduce his sentence denied . He was a serial rapist who raped girls aged 13-24. He was sentenced to 30 years jail . Behold his appeal :

“If the current sentence was upheld, I will spend the rest of my life in jail,” he said while reading out his mitigation from a letter.

Ismail Shah claimed that he had not hurt his victims or use violence against them.

“Please consider that my victims are not injured and they can be cured in future while I have to suffer the injuries due to the sentence,” he said.

He said further that “I could control my desire as I only rape each victim once and each of them was sent back to a safer place afterwards”.

I was so angry when i read him trying to justify his actions . I wrote a letter to the Editor on what i thought on the issue tho some parts of the letter was cut away i'm still glad The Star decided to publish it :


I'm glad i finally i got the time to write about my experience at the workshop

WWRP 5 :)

P/S : Leaving for Cambodia today and will be back on the 27th :)

Change your thoughts and you change your world.
Norman Vincent Peale
US clergyman (1898 - 1993)

Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Parliamentary Stand Off / Up



The following excerpt was taken from The Sun
newspaper (30th November 07) ,
"At the Dewan Rakyat" column . One section
of the article caught my eye :

" Kit Siang (DAP-Ipoh Timur) called

Datuk Buang Moktar Raden

a monkey

for interrupting him and the Sabahan

retaliated by calling the opposition leader

a pig .

Datuk Mohd Said Yusof (BN-Jasin)

called Kit Siang a clown for going on and

on and Kit Siang riposted by calling

Mohd Said
a cyclop and asking him to

close his three eyes. "

Aren't our politicians hilarious ? Reading that reminded me of the good ol' days back when i was 5 years old .......

I have come to the conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians.

Charles De Gaulle
French general & politician (1890 - 1970)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

and it was all YELLOW ......

The latest event that has been running through my mind these past few days is the BERSIH Rally that was held on November 10 ( Just last week Saturday ).

The rally was held to demand for a Free and Fair elections what they requested for was :

1. Use of indelible ink to prevent multiple voting.
2. To remove phantom voters and those who have died from the electoral roll.
3. The abolishment of domestic postal voting.
4. Equal and fair access to the press.

And their genius plan was to have a peaceful march from Dataran Merdeka till the Royal Palace and there they would pass a memorandum to our King and with hopes that he would make all the bad things go away . Right .

And as a show of solidarity between the marchers they would all be decked in Yellow, which is as you know our royal colour, and its deemed an insult to the king if you use that color at the same place where he is . Great idea , insult the person ur supposed to ask help from .

BERSIH started out as the Joint Action Committee for Electoral Reform, which was formed in July 2005, and the coalition’s objective was to push for a thorough reform of the electoral process in Malaysia. It consist of opposition parties and NGO's.

There was a big drama on the events leading up to the rally, during the rally and the aftermath . For starters the organizers was denied by the police a permit for the rally .

The Days leading up to the rally the Prime Minister stated :

“The police have said no, yet they still want to proceed. In that case, surely something bad is going to happen,” said Abdullah during his presidential winding-up speech at the end of the Umno general assembly today.

And the City police chief Datuk Zul Hasnan Najib Baharudin also warned them that :

"We will take whatever action necessary to disperse or arrest those involved in the illegal assembly."

He warned also that those charged with taking part in the illegal assembly face fines of between RM2,000 and RM10,000, or jailed not more than a year, or both.

Yet the people on the internet were not deterred and told of 4 alternative meeting points should their original plan be foiled , the original plan being the walk-walk-walk- shout-shout-shout-pass-letter-to-Sultan-come-back .Well on the day of the rally people despite the threats by the authorities came to -flood the city in yellow- .

Taken from Malaysiakini.com

The drama ensured as follows :

2.10pm: The police fire chemical laced water cannons at 1,000 protesters in Masjid Jamek, near the LRT station. The attempt by the police to disperse the crowd was without any prior warning. Riot police are in formation outside the mosque. Another 500 protesters are inside Masjid India nearby. It begins raining.

2.25pm: Crowd has increased to 2,000 in Masjid Jamek area. Water cannon fired several times. Crowd inside Masjid India and a bank opposite the mosque were hit. Protesters are seeking refuge inside the mosque and Masjid Jamek LRT station.

2.35pm: About 500 protesters to march from Pasar Seni towards Dataran Merdeka in heavy rain followed by 100 riot police. The group is led by Bersih leader Tian Chua, accompanied with shouts of Daulat Tuanku (Long live the King).

2.39pm: The police in Masjid Jamek area begin firing several canisters of tear gas at the crowd in addition to discharging chemical-laced water. At least, four rounds of tear gas have been fired.

2.40pm: The 500 Pasar Seni marchers are met by 100 riot police about 50 metres from Dataran Merdeka. There are minor clashes but police have formed two lines of barricades, resulting in a stand-off.

2.45pm: The police have taken over the road outside Masjid Jamek after firing about a dozen rounds of tear gas. Many of the protesters move away from the area. Most of them have linked up with the crowd in Sogo department store.

2.50pm: 10,000 who are at the Masjid Negara have begun marching to Istana Negara. They split into two groups using two different routes. Rain stops.

3pm: The crowd, now grown to about 40,000, reached about 300 metres from Istana Negara. PAS president Hadi Awang is leading them. Former deputy premier Anwar Ibrahim is due to arrive. There are people stretching over half a kilometre along the highway.

3.12pm: There is a stand-off between the 40,000 crowd and 150 riot police -backed by water cannon trucks - about 200 meters from Istana Negara. Three police helicopters are hovering above.

About 5,000 protesters are marching from Sogo department store towards Istana Negara. They are currently in Jalan Raja Laut near Pertama Complex. The 500 from Pasir Seni have broken away from the stand-off with riot police near Dataran Merdeka, leaving the square completely quiet.

3.20pm: A Bersih delegation, which include Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang from DAP and PAS president Hadi Awang, is waiting about 100 metres outside the Istana Negara. The 40,000 protesters are on the highway and are being held back by riot police 200 metres from the palace.

3.30pm: Seven members of Bersih will be allowed to go to the gate of Istana Negara to hand in the memorandum calling for the King's intervention in instituting poll reforms. The delegation is waiting for ex-deputy premier Anwar Ibrahim to arrive. He was caught in the traffic jam and will now travel by motorbike.

3.40pm: Another few thousand of protesters, mostly from Masjid Jamek, are marching to join the main crowd in Istana Negara. They are currently in Jalan Maharajalela, near the old KL train station.

Anwar Ibrahim arrives on a motorbike to join Lim Kit Siang and Hadi Awang near Istana Negara. He and Hadi Awang give a short speech and are getting ready to move to the palace gate.

4pm: The Bersih delegation led by Anwar Ibrahim handed the memorandum to the King's representative at the gate of the Istana Negara. Anwar is accompanied by PAS' Hadi Awang and Nasharuddin Mat Isa and DAP's Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng. The organisers are asking the 40,000-strong crowd to disperse. Nasharuddin describes the event as a resounding success.

Taken from Malaysiakini.com

Well thats how it all went down . According to published reports 29 individuals were arrested and 24 released so far.

We even made international news , with news agencies like CNN , Reuters and Al-Jazeera covering the story showing images of the march with the army blasting the people with their water cannon and many yellow people running in terror .

THINK , Digi Advertisement ….. only with water cannons . Honestly they portrayed us as if “Malaysia is the new Myanmar” Next thing you know they’d be printing those “Save Malaysia” t-shirts .

Al-Jazeera in a good show of balanced reporting interviewed both sides involved regarding the story, the person heading the rally Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim (who as you can see came in true Tamil Movie Hero style by motobike at the very last second before the memorandum was handed because he was…..caught in traffice ) and our dear Information Minister whose interview you can see being circulated on the web , I have one thing to say to you this you got to see , check it out on you tube or kennysia.com .

Half way through the interview he wildly accuses Al-Jazeera for projecting Malaysia as an Undemocratic country in their report and then shouts why are they busy interviewing members from the opposition party and not people from the government .

Urm sir two things , you don’t give a permit for a PEACE rally and when asked why was the rally banned you reply “Because its Illegal” as if that answer is self explanatory .

And two sir , if you say Al-Jazeera is not interviewing people from the government , who are you ? where are you from ?

....and yes that was the INFORMATION passed by Malaysia’s INFORMATION Minister to the International Press regarding the event.

Commenting on the aftermath of the rally , the local media wrote in the newspaper as if 5 people came walked around got bored then left =) Their was also the extreme side of things when according to Malaysiakini reports , 50,000 over people came . Well 5 or 50 000 same difference right ? only in Malaysia ….

According to SUHAKAM which stands for Suruhanjaya Hak Asasi Malaysia , our very own Human Rights Commission of Malaysia that was established by the Malaysian Parliament using the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia Act 1999, Act 597.

I hope I’ve brought to your attention that these are the people who are protecting the HUMAN RIGHTS of MALAYSIANS . Well the commissioner of SUHAKAM, Datuk N. Siva Subramaniam stated to the press :

Siva Subraminiam was at the rally in the city centre to monitor police conduct. He found that police did not use violence to control the crowds.

"I saw that the police did not even use their batons to disperse the crowd. So if there is any allegation of police brutality, it would not be true. "If there were, reports would have been lodged with Suha-kam. The police have acted professionally on the matter."

Taken from Malaysiakini.com

A picture says a thousand words don't you think.

And i supposed those were not batons but Lollipop sticks . Well I don’t know about you but I’m sure sleeping well at night knowing these people are protecting my Human Rights .

However what saddened and sickened me the most about the whole march is when i saw that there were kids at this march . How can any parent risk a young child's safety by bringing them to an illegal march when they were warned beforehand that action will be taken if the attended that rally . If a grown up wanted to attend this fully knowing the consequences if they attended it , yet willing to risk it all to fight for the cause which their fighting for its their wish . However when you bring a child who is so young who probably wouldn't even know the meaning of the rally and exposing them this kind of danger i just think that is just Wrong .

Taken from malaysiakini.com

Despite whatever you are fighting for children should never be caught in the crossfire

Was 10 of November a day of change or was it just another ordinary day ? That is one vote only you can make.

" Democracy is a process by which the people are free to choose the man who will get the blame"

Laurence J. Peter
US educator & writer (1919 - 1988)

Friday, November 9, 2007

of Gray's Anatomy and my sister ....

Few days ago when my sister came back from Manipal she brought back some of her old Medical Books . A particular one caught my attention and i said to her :

" Now i bet in there is the scrips for every episode of Grays Anatomy ! Lets read it and find out what happens in the end, see if Meridith did get together with McDreamy :D "

I had such a grin on my face for thinking of such a 'clever' line . Unfortunately , she is used to my lameness and didn't layan me. Pft........

Anyhow i highly doubt the creators of Gray's Anatomy were inspired by the Medical Book of the same name , to write on the burning romance between Dr. Meredith Gray and McDreamy or McSlimy as i fondly refer to him , after looking at these pictures from the book :

Yup thats as romantic as the book gets , so rest assured apart from sharing the same name thats as far as the similarity goes between the Medical Book and the Medical Drama .

Anyhow Aka Good Luck in the final lap of your exams . Your Gonna make a Great Doctor one day and I'm already so proud of you *Emo*


You know you love me :)

" A younger sister is someone to use as a guinea-pig in trying sledges

and experimental go-carts.

Someone to send on messages to Mum.

But someone who needs you - who comes to you with bumped heads,

grazed knees, tales of persecution.

Someone who trusts you to defend her.

Someone who thinks you know the answers to almost everything. "

-Pam Brown-

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Happy Cows

With the thought of turning 21 next year and entering university i am officially

going through my:

QUARTER-LIFE CRISIS (which by the way really exist according to

wikipedia ,
The quarter life crisis (QLC) is a term applied to the period

of life immediately following the
major changes of adolescence, usually

ranging from the ages of 21 - 29
. Well that

definition was for the people who told me to shut up and stop being dramatic )

Anyhow unlike a Mid-life crisis-es i cant exactly buy those life begins at 40

kind of books . But honestly i did go to MPH and searched for any books

entitled Life begins at 21 and surprise surprise no help there .

Well anyways during this unstable period of my life my mum calls me to go

shopping for new bedsheets . Well we go and start looking at the million

ones on display u know, one with flowers , leafs , clouds those sort of stuff,

my mum wanted to get me one called HARMONY it was pretty,

with a mixture of flowers and leaves very harmony-ish.

Well i really couldn't be bothered so i agreed BUT before paying for it i spotted

the most strangest one in the bunch which of course was love at first sight,

i thought :

"Now there is something that will turn back time and put a stop on my Crisis"

and to my mothers **horror** i throw dear old Harmony away and lugged the

new one to the casher . She kept on saying things in the lines of :

" No way , Never , I'm not going to pay for that , If u get it I'll never let anyone come up to your room "

But i stuck to my ground it and she caved in . Even when we were at the

cashier she didn't give up throwing other options at me :

" Oh look at this one its so pretty , Now this would really match your curtains, Oh just get the other one I'll even get you new pillows "

Oh my poor mother , grudgingly she paid for my choice muttering on how

she should have just come alone and just gotten me one instead of asking

my opinion . Yes mother i believe thats called COMMUNISM . Anyhow

when i got back my mum immediately asked me to try it on my bed to see

if it fits coz if it doesn't we will have to change it .Yes she did light up with

a smile at the words " Change It " .

Well so we changed the bedsheets and it fitted like a glove =)

Behold the transformation :




My HAPPY COWS BED SPREAD . Anyhow it certainly brightened up my

mood and i feel less crisis-ish . I am now in my Farm of Denial with my

Happy Cows . I think i should write those self help books you know

something in the lines of :

" How to Get Over Your Quarter-Life Crisis "

Well , not one of the most Original of titles , but you know what i mean.

Loves it .
Well ok ok she doesn't Love it but she definitely Likes it now ! She said it suited my personality . Hmmm i wonder what that means ........

Well after this me and my happy cows will greet the adventures of turning 21

with a brave front . Makes me wonder what i'll do when i have my Mid-Life

crisis next . I'll probably have to buy a REAL Happy Cow farm .


" The purpose of life is to fight maturity. "
Dick Werthimer

Monday, October 29, 2007

when dealing with a crazy person .....

Below is an MSN conversation i had with an old friend whom i haven't spoken to in months . It begins when he suddenly messages me out of the blue :

Splice>>Going to Israel with a M'sian passport. Genius<< says:
i'm gonna kill you!!!!!

Splice>>Going to Israel with a M'sian passport. Genius<< says:
i'll kill every one of you!!!!!

MaL says:
yes hello to you too

Splice>>Going to Israel with a M'sian passport. Genius<< says:
dun mock me

Splice>>Going to Israel with a M'sian passport. Genius<< says:
i'll kill you

MaL says:
yes its been a while i know . i'm good thanks

MaL says:
how are u ?

MaL says:
and yes do share why do u have the urge to kill ur old friend

Splice>>Going to Israel with a M'sian passport. Genius<< says:
i dun like girls

Splice>>Going to Israel with a M'sian passport. Genius<< says:
they're boring

MaL says:
well then thats a reasonable explanation

MaL says:
go ahead with ur killing spree then

MaL says:
hows things at monash

MaL says:
i'll be coming there next year

Splice>>Going to Israel with a M'sian passport. Genius<< says:
good lord no!

Splice>>Going to Israel with a M'sian passport. Genius<< says:
oh btw

Splice>>Going to Israel with a M'sian passport. Genius<< says:
would you prefer to be stabbed ofr shot?

MaL says:
i know ur actually glad . well thats a tough choice i always wanted to go in a dramatic way

MaL says:

MaL says:
now thats the way to go

Splice>>Going to Israel with a M'sian passport. Genius<< says:
i dun do that

Splice>>Going to Israel with a M'sian passport. Genius<< says:
that's for pig farmers

Splice>>Going to Israel with a M'sian passport. Genius<< style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">
i'm above that

MaL says:
ah i see yet you resort to physical violence . so why has my kind angered you so ?

Splice>>Anyone but England<< says:
did i ask you to start asking questions?

MaL says:
well i heard when dealing with a mental person you must always remain clam

MaL says:
i learnt that in Dealing with Psyco's 101

MaL says:
therefor i ask u a question

Splice>>Anyone but England<< says:
shut nup i'll kill you!!!

Splice>>Anyone but England<< says:
why dun u understand that?

MaL says:
well lets talk about the weather then

MaL says:
its been nice isnt it

MaL says:
not too hot

MaL says:
so hows studies n all ?

Splice>>Anyone but England<< says:
dun change the subject

Splice>>Anyone but England<< says:
do u know wat i'll do?

Splice>>Anyone but England<< says:
and why are u studying psychos?

MaL says:
i'm not i watched a program on it on tv once

Splice>>Anyone but England<< says:
oh and now u think u know everything eh?

MaL says:
not everything

MaL says:
but enough

MaL says:
*insert smily face here*

Splice>>Anyone but England<< says:

Splice>>Anyone but England<< style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">
wat's that for?

MaL says:
well it was to catch you un aware and deviate you from ur crazy plan

MaL says:
it worked i see

Splice>>Anyone but England<< says:

MaL says:
Britney spears should hire me

Splice>>Anyone but England<< says:
cuz i'm gonna kill u?

MaL says:
i'd make her sane again

Splice>>Anyone but England<< says:
wats wrong with her?

MaL says:
well shes crazy

Splice>>Anyone but England<< says:
has she married that kelvin dude yet?

Splice>>Anyone but England<< says:
if she has no wonder

Splice>>Anyone but England<< says:
he's such a lamer

MaL says:
have u been living on another planet

MaL says:
they divorced agess agooo

MaL says:
and now shes going mental

Splice>>Anyone but England<< says:
so they got married?

MaL says:
u should follow the gossip

MaL says:
its so fun

MaL says:
now back to the more normal conversations ppl have when they havent spoken to each other for months

MaL says:
how are you and how is life

...... And yes be rest assured the rest of the conversation continued to be an interesting one .. i should talk more to my old friends they provide good drama . But look i managed to deviate him from killing me , maybe i should try being a mediator in the future , it will be a good job for me .

They'd send me to terrorize the terrorist .

Humor is our way of defending ourselves from life's absurdities by thinking absurdly about them.
Lewis Mumford
US architect & sociologist (1895 - 1990)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Did you see me today ?

I was the one who sat across you on the train

I was the one who fell asleep and missed my stop

I was the one who started to panic and ran around aimlessly trying to make sense where i was

I was the one who sat in your taxi trying to give you directions to my work place only to leave you more confused then you already were

I was the one who insisted you used the meter .

I was the stranger you shouted "Good Morning" to from your lorry , you startled me and i didn't reply but "Good Morning to you too"

I was the one who forgot my key to work and you were the one who opened the door for me

I was the one who tried to buy a 50 sen sweet for RM50 to get change . You said No

I was the one who bought you your nescafe ice

I was the one who spoke to you in horrible tamil , you laughed but praised me for trying

I was the one who dozed off during the meeting , you were the one who took a picture of it as evidence

I was the one who laughed while drinking and i snorted coffee out of my nose , lovely i know .

I was the one on Facebook at work , and pretending to do research on Google when anyone passed by . You laughed at me the whole time .

I was the one who started singing randomly while walking , sorry Mika makes such happy songs

I was the one who put 5 ringgit in your cup and tho you couldn't see me , you gave me a smile that brightened up my day

I was the one who cursed the sun for being too hot and 5 mints later saying sorry to god when it started to rain like mad

I was the one who got wet in the rain , yup that was me my umbrella decided to have a life of its own and turn inside out

I was the one who dropped all my coins at the station , thank you for picking them up for me

I was the one who was walking alone at night clutching my bag for dear life , looking over my shoulder to see if anyone wanted to mug me, city life has gotten to me

I was the one who asked you for the time and you turned around looking as if someone pointed a gun at you , " 7.00 " and you hurried away , KL people are very high strung , its contagious

I was the one you bumped into and didn't say sorry

I was the one who was staring daggers at you on the train ride back , when you shared with everyone every song on your play list , on loudspeaker , i'm sorry but there is only so much of Mawi i can stand.

I was the frazzled female sitting beside you on the train looking like she's had one to many coffees , 5 to be exact but whose counting

I was the one who laughed at your Doraemon ring tone when your phone rang

I was the one who you sniggered at when my Superman ring tone came up when my phone rang , that snigger turned to laughter when i said " Well time to save the world again "

I was the one you spoke to on the train back , it was nice meeting you , you have an interesting job .

I was the one muttering to myself behind you when the ticket line was so long , no i'm not mental

I was the one singing " Why don't you like me , Why dont you like me " , Grace Kelly by Mika , his songs always make me sing . Yes and you were the one who turned nervously at me probably thinking " she's really lost it " and don't think i didn't notice you slowly shifting away from me . Just to make it clear i'm really not mental .

I was the one you picked up at the station , i made you miss your tai chi class . Sorry , got caught up with work.

I was the one you had dinner with , loved the food and the laughter

I was the one you called from Japan , I miss you.

I was the one who spoke to you online , I know i'm bad at replying messages , sorry , but i'm getting better

I was the one who screamed when i poked my eye getting out my contact lenses , didn't go blind but i did give u a shock .

I was the one who was rude to you just now . I'm sorry , it was a long day .


" Life is a moderately good play with a badly written third act. "
Truman Capote
US author (1924 - 1984)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Teens gone Wild-cats

People are driven to do crazy things when they are bored . Take me for example , i was bored in Melaka and while the whole family went out to the temple i staid back at home . At my grandmothers house they have a huge ass aquarium , i honestly think fishes are the most useless pets . why u ask ? well its simple THEY DO NOTHING . Yes you stare at them they stare back at You . You hit the glass they swim away but only to swim back 1 minit later . Trust me this is only amusing for the first 10 times u do it then it gets boring . I should know as i did it , because they were the only things alive in the house for me to annoy . So of course i turn to they one things that never fails to amuse me THE TV.

As i was flipping channels guess what show was playing . yes people the highly anticipated show of the summer ... the show that the whole world is crazy about "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2 !!!" I didn't even watch the first one but i thought what the hell lets see whats driving people so crazy about it . I was not disappointed it was the most hilarious show i have ever watched . i swear if they asked me to write a review on it this is how it would be:

" it was like watching a bollywood movie .... only with white kids "

Oh god !! it was barely 10 mints into the show and already i heard 3 songs and they sing it at the most abrupt-est times . The kids all excited for their summer break to begin , their at their last class their teacher is droning on about something and suddenly the bell rings what do the kids do ? SCHOOL'S OUT SCREAM AND SHOUT ! why sing of course , isn't it the most natural thing to to . And suddenly the whole class jumps up and start singing jumping on tables the their school is over and of course as it is the most natural thing to do , the whole school joins their happy song .

Sureeee didn't ur last day of school look like that . Why imagine the same scene only in our own Sekolah Menegah school in Malaysia , its the last day of school . Their bored waiting for their class to be over and when it is , our hero well lets call him Zeki Effran , gets up and starts to sing and dance :

" Mari kawan kawan sekolah dah habis ! mari kita menyanyi sama sama !!!! "

And whats the teachers response to this ?


Yup my friends i don't think high school musical scenes will be playing in the Government school near you any time soon . Oh and speaking about the stars of it , well Zac Efron no matter how blue his eyes were , annoyed the heak out of me . I mean the so called "Villain" if the show was out to seduce him this summer , and she did everything but strip in front of him to get his attention , showering him with gifts (which he took of course ) sticks to him like glue 24/7 and our hero of course remains oblivious to the fact that she likes him . And half the show all u could see was him was prancing around ur tv screen singing one stupid song after another. ( which I'm still humming right now) .

And of course since its a Disney show it had to be wrapped up in bubblegum . Zac and his on screen gf Vanessa what'sherface had so many of those "almost kisses" . All i was screaming at the tv was

LREADY " BUT NOOOO those too continued to have more of those "almost kisses" and gazing into each others faces adoringly (see picture and barf) . It was so sweet i think i got diabetes just looking at them .

OOOoooo and not forgetting Vanessa our heroine , and her "i-am-going-to-smother-you-with-sweetness-till-you-choke-and-die" attitude annoyed me till no end too . god it was like she had no life of her own without her knight and dancing armor . And her annoying wave when she sees her bf , don't get me started it was so so so so so perky .

And not forgetting the supporting cast , the African American dude with the big hair (pic) , well in one scene they were trying to convince him to dance with them in this talent show or something and he was all so adamant saying "NO ! No Way , There is No way in hell I'm gonna dance "
(well he didn't say hell Disney wouldn't have been to happy if he did) making a HUGE fuss that he didn't want to , when guess who was dancing on tables and singing at the beginning when school was out . And of course what more sane and rational way would they use but to convince him to dance with a , yup you guessed it a SONG !!! i mean isn't that what you would do too . So there he was DANCING mind you and singing along with the other idiots on how he DIDN'T WANT TO DANCE. And the whole time i was there on the sofa laughing my head off. Yes i think i scared the fishes too .

I think the only person in the show who didn't annoy me was the so called "villain" who was supposed to annoy everyone with her bratty attitude , i think she acted really well . Well to be honest at that point my family came back and i was talking to them and totally forgot to watch the ending . I'm sure this is one show with no surprise ending , so i didn't loose any sleep trying to figure out if Zac really did end up with Vanessa in the end .

Well PEople after my review i have only one thing to say to u guys :

ah Disney would be so proud of me :)

"Television enables you to be entertained in your home by people you wouldn't have in your home". - David Frost